Start Busting Ancient Toxic Patterns Affecting Your Life Everyday

These 3000 year old patterns are in all of us. They plague the 5 essentials of our life:
  • self-worth
  • love in relationships
  • abundance
  • social empowerment
  • health 👉🏽 physical-mental-spiritual


Join UG's internationally loved 60-minute signature masterclasses, where you'll start busting these self-destructive patterns using Navel Consciousness. Discover how to harness emotions, love, success, money, health, and relationships to your greatest advantage. Delivered in UG's classic style of unconditional compassion, liberating honesty and empowering clarity. 

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Find the soul of your love life-an inner clarity masterclass by Udumbara Gesu. Chasing True Love?  Stop chasing, controlling, fearing and hurting your love life.   If you are ready to go beyond gimmicky romance and relationships. Then this masterclass by UG will lead you into the magic, intimacy and connection that true love has to offer.  It will help you feel, understand and see the soul of your love life.

Chasing True Love?


Stop chasing, controlling and hurting your love life. 

Join UG's masterclass to transform your love life. Release deep-seated 3000-year-old love blocks and move beyond surface-level romance.

Join to explore magic, intimacy, and connection of true love.

Find out which type of love life struggle you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽


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Tormented By Body Issues? 


Stop feeling disconnected from your body.

In UG's NC masterclass, discover the ancient root cause of mind, body, and soul disconnection.

Join to learn the 7-level soul-to-body map. connect all the dots and start your healing journey with awareness and empowerment.

Find out which type of mind-body struggles you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽


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Tired Of Never Being Enough?


No more negative self-talk, fear of failure & self-doubt.

Uncover and eliminate ancient cycle of self-judgment in this transformative masterclass by UG.

Join to learn how to become your own saviour and cheer leader with NC's timeless wisdom.

Find out which type of self-worth struggles you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽

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Freedom from normalcy-an inner clarity masterclass by Udumbara Gesu. Feeling Stuck In The Rut Of Life?    Can’t remember the last time you felt pure joy for no reason at all?  If you are eager to undo the 3000 year old subconscious beliefs that keep you locked in an unfulfilled life of conformity. Then this masterclass by UG will lead you into embracing your uniqueness, finding purpose beyond survival and being happy for no reason.   Learn to be different with ease and power from the OG herself.

Feeling Stuck In Conformity?


Break free from social pressures.

Release ancient unconscious social fears that limit your true potential.

Join UG's masterclass to learn wise hacks from Navel Consciousness to help you embrace your uniqueness and celebrate it loudly.

Find out which type of money struggles you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽


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Exhausted By Money?


Stop dancing to money's tunes.

Remove 3000 year old unconscious money worries and blocks in UG's masterclass.

Join to learn how to transcend limiting opinions, scarcity, and judgments about money.

Discover Navel Consciousness secrets to embrace the divine side of money.

Find out which type of money struggles you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽


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Start A Love Affair With Your Life   


Seize the rare chance to learn from the OG herself through live interactive online group class.

Join to experience the profound clarity and compassion of this cutting-edge wisdom teacher who teaches you how to celebrate the uniqueness you are.

With gentle guidance, humour, and laughter she helps you step beyond your 3000-year-old limitations and illusions and embrace your personal majesty, a unique gift from your soul, allowing you to live your true life.

Find out which type of soul disconnection you inherited 3000 tears ago 👇🏽

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What Is Navel Consciousness Personal Growth & Healing Wisdom

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What if we told you that you will be initiated into a healing wisdom that is far older than the most ancient cultures like the Mayan, Vedic, Chinese, Celtic and Egyptian. A wisdom beyond religions and dogmas. You don't need to put your 'faith' in it. It works with or without you believing in it. Backed by latest science. 

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (book coming soon)

NC is the most advanced consciousness on Earth and will remain so for the next 9000 years.

Navel Consciousness is taught only by UG on the planet.

🚨Beware of frauds, imposters & centres claiming to be UG or her representative. She has not trained or certified anyone so far. 

UG Values You for Who You Are, Even Before You Realize Your Own Worth   


Who Is UG?

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Udumbara Gesu is known as the Primordial Mother’s Mystic & founder of Navel Consciousness™, the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing. 

UG is honoured worldwide for her exemplary clarity, empowering honesty and unconditional compassion.

SPIRITUAL BACKGROUND: UG is 3rd generation Indigenous Eastern mystic from India. Born to doyens of Meditation & Energy Healing, UG grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. She experienced her first satori at 14.

EDUCATION: UG has double post graduation. One of which is a M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy with first class. Thus walking the essence of East & West balance fully. 

INFLUENTIAL CLIENTS: Some of world's pathbreakers have a secret advantage, an initiation / remote healing from UG. Amongst her students / clients are celebrities like author Tanya Stewner, business leader Jesh Krishnamurthy, chef Marina Balakrishnan, relationship coach Ekta Dixit, & mystical artist ShivShera Azeer.

MEDIA: UG is a TEDx speaker. She has also spoken at various occasions with the rotary club and Aids Help. UG has appeared in regional, national and international media including Times of India, Tattva Viveka, The Indian Express, The Speaking Tree, Life Positive, Parent & Child, DNA, The Atelier, the Mid day etc.

SINCE WHEN: Since 1998 from the age of 19, UG is preferred by influential and conscious seekers worldwide who solicit her guidance on personal growth, spiritual awakening & healing.

PERSONALLY: On a personal note, UG is a conscious mother, a foodie for old recipes, a fan of heritage handloom textiles and a circular environmentalist. 

*All products/classes on discount are non-refundable.