Online Retreat on 15-16th June 2024




Making Perimenopause A Gateway To Total Freedom 

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No More Emotional Despair

No More Mental Instability

No More Low Self-Worth


Find Your Emotional Freedom, Spiritual Upgrade & Physical Empowerment 

In UG's 2 day immersive deep healing retreat for women aged 30 or above.

UG, a 4th generation Indigenous Eastern Mystic will help you to: 


  • - Fall in love with yourself
  • - Shed suffocating social burdens
  • - Gain emotional clarity
  • - Find mental stability¬†
  • - Get spiritually empowered¬†
  • - Learn to befriend your body¬†
  • - Become grateful for yourself

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The Retreat Value is ‚ā¨345.

No matter how much you pay, you'll get the same course as everybody else. Thank you for your support.  

On 15-16th June 2024

Online, Live with UG -3 hours per day

  Being A Woman In Perimenopause Isn't A Cakewalk 

ūüĎáūüŹĹIs This You?¬†

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Are you getting buried under the overload of information in today's world?

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Are you struggling with your emotions or spirituality? 

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Do you feel your family & friends don't understand you?

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Are you fed up of the fast pace of life and social expectations?

Woman, Welcome To The Most Magical Phase Of Your Life

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

You Know The Pain & The Pleasure Of Being A Woman 


Did you know that perimenopause is meant to amplify your power as a woman by making you stronger, bolder, more enlightened and a total badass?

Peri-menopause is when your body starts transitioning to menopause. It can take decades before you hit the pause button.

So if you are 30 and above, you are walking towards your most magical, powerful & delightful self. But wait that's not what the world is telling you. In fact the world is threatening to replace you with a younger person. It's wants to write you off. Due to this unnecessary stress you are spending a great deal of your energy and effort in just surviving this coup. Instead of focussing your energies on you during this precious transition. Thankfully it does not have to be this way.

Want to be a perimenopause badass?

Welcome to UG's Highly Loved Women's Retreat - Online. UG is inviting you to the ultimate pilgrimage of inner freedom as a woman. This retreat is a sacred container of emotional balance, physical power and spiritual upgrade. Consider it a timeless friendship that only women can have. 

For Real Women Like You & Me

- In a world where everyone is forced to wear masks, it's a privilege to see the soul


Woman, how many times have you sacrificed your share of love, rest, fortune and power for others? 

Never again. Women are not machines of efficiency. We need rest, love, recovery, healing and peace of mind. We need laughter, friendships, acknowledgement, shoulders to cry on and a compassionate circle. And most importantly we need each other.

This retreat is for real women who are willing to clear emotional baggage, understand the higher purpose of perimenopause, and celebrate yourself amidst the chaos of perimenopause. 

Since 2007 UG has been offering transformative women's retreats. Consider it a sisterhood of women who love to heal. 

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG
Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

Harness Your Actual Self Worth

- Together, let's purge the emotional clutter that dims our light 


As a woman you may have spent your whole life being tortured by emotions. But emotions are not your enemy. The lies you've been told about your emotions is.

Allow UG to gently guide you into life changing emotional freedom. Helping you own your uniqueness and rock it with an inner swag.

Befriend yourself and experience a profound sense of inner calm through energy exercises designed to activate your inner emotional super powers as a woman.

Break Cycles Of Suffering

-Become Grateful For Yourself


Only a woman knows how much hard work it is to live with limitations, rejections, judgements and expectations of everyone on you. 

Let UG strengthen you even more by helping you break some heavy and sticky cycles of trauma. helping you let go of old limiting emotions, patterns, thoughts that don't serve you any more.

Gain access to your miraculous spiritual capacities and joyous living possibilities.

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG
Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

Fall In Love With Yourself

- Accept your imperfect self in all its glory


As a woman you have been made to fit in, adjust, compromise and self soothe.

UG gives the power back to you. Helping you fall in love with yourself. Have an intoxicating love affair with yourself. Women who love themselves are more resilient to stress, experience greater emotional balance, and enjoy improved immune function. Discover the beauty of self-love in a supportive space. 

Become A Dancing Queen Again. This world needs you.

Befriend Your Body's Magic 

- open up to the nourishment from beyond this reality 


A woman's body is judged not only in its shape and size but also in its performance. For thousands of years women have been refrained to being baby making machines who need to keep a home clean.

UG has created a safe non-judgemental space where you learn how to view your body as a dear friend who needs to be cherished and respected. Experience the liberation that comes from being in tune with your body's needs and desires, allowing you to make choices that honour your well-being and vitality.

Enter the temple of your body-a trusted ally in your pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG
Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

Build Your Own Village Of Support

- Not just children even women require a village


Unfortunately this is a cruel truth; women are women's worst enemies. Forget the in-laws or the misogynists, so many of us have been deeply impacted by the toxic dynamics being passed down by our own mothers.

UG has curated a village for women. She believes not just children even women need a village to to make a self assured, relaxed and functioning woman. 

Welcome to a village of other women who are happy to heal with us. Who are eager to evolve and change. Who love the challenge of becoming their best selves. Who can focus on growth and expansion. 

Enjoy the support. Thrive on the network of encouragement.

Say hello to the new age of raw, make-up free, real women showing up for themselves. Say hello to the age of reality that is more beautiful than its photoshopped version. Say hello to a village of supportive women egging each other on to go past their wounds and traumas into their power.

Welcome to your own village of support. 

Pay What You Want

The Class Value is ‚ā¨345.

No matter how much you pay, you'll get the same course as everybody else. Thank you for your support.  

Why UG's Women's Retreat


We have been living in a cycle of deprivation since 3000 years. 

Everyone born in the last 3000 years by default faces challenges related to mental and physical health, self-worth, relationships, and finances. We are all exhausted, burnt out, desperate and ready for some ease. Thankfully now the time to break this cycle has come. 

What stands in our way? 

We are struggling with our own 3000-year-old toxic self sabotage patterns. You are unknowingly living with them. The worst part is that you are trained to defend most of these patterns with all your strength. Leading to relentless stress, pressures, insecurities, and a deep sense of dissatisfaction with life.

UG created a safe and nurturing space for your emotional and spiritual evolution

She teaches you how to end this destructive cycle with Navel Consciousness - the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing. In short your gut consciousness.

You can come in contact with this scared healing energy through this clarity walk with UG. 

Are you ready for miraculous living beyond fear? 

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG
Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

Why UG?

You find yourself enveloped by an ancient mystical force

UG is the 4th generation Indigenous Eastern mystic from India. She was born to doyens of energy healing and meditation. In her presence you will feel the joy and relaxation of her rich eastern lineage. Being with her itself is an initiation into healing and positive evolution.

You will feel safe, heard, understood & supported by a professional

Apart from her post graduation in psychotherapy, UG also has other impressive cutting edge mental health qualifications. You will get to experience the joy of a balanced approach: the mystical & the scientific as well as the primordial & the modern.

You will experience a non judgmental space held for you

UG personifies unconditional love as a direct result of her own 30-year personal enlightenment journey, which involves mental health struggles, death, loss, separation and quantum breakthroughs. Her style is non judgemental, contemporary, light & joyous.

What You Get  


ūüĎČūüŹĹ A 2 day retreat¬†with UG

ūüĎČūüŹĹ Direct 3 hour per day lessons, interactions, Q&A etc with UG

ūüĎČūüŹĹ Hot Seat with UG:A 15 minute Q&A with UG for a¬†specific challenge you are facing¬†and on-the-spot healing¬†awareness.¬†

ūüĎČūüŹĹ Fun homework to help you strengthen your¬†inner clarity journey.¬†

ūüĎČūüŹĹ¬†Priority invitation to UG's year round online coaching¬†program called Festival Of Clarity.

ūüĎČūüŹĹ Find support and a deep connect with other spiritually and emotionally awakening seekers like you.

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

The Results Speak For Themselves

UG has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming her program participants. Here are a few testimonialsūüĎáūüŹĹ

Freedom In Perimenopause


‚ÄúOne of the best decisions of my life.¬†I've undergone a remarkable transformation. From anxious to internally relaxed. My family is both relived and surprised at my transformation. After seeing how happy i have become with myself, my family has told me to enrol for UG's year long program so that i never get out of touch with this incredible energy that UG rolls out in women‚ÄĒI'm forever grateful.‚ÄĚ

Freedom In Perimenopause


‚ÄúIt felt like being hugged by an unknown loving mother. I felt I was held in a womb of love and joy. UG made me feel at home in nature. She is compassionate and funny. My stress faded away and¬† felt hopeful and energised‚ÄĚ

Freedom In Perimenopause


‚ÄúI felt nourished by a larger power than me. I felt connected to an invisible force that is my friend. I saw how much more powerful i am, especially in my perimenopause. The perspective shift is everything. UG is loving and kind butt she is also the right amount of firm that breaks your shell of fear and insecurity. I liked that about her‚ÄĚ.

Freedom In Perimenopause


“I have been to many women's retreats but this one is what aces all of them. I felt like i was in a family of souls that travel together through the universe. It was healing. It was relaxing and it was empowering. It opened my heart at a totally new level. UG is a blessing. I could see how deeply connected she is with her feminine power. She is goddess embodied".

Freedom In Perimenopause


‚ÄúI came back excited for my life ahead and that says it all. No one knows the pain of being a woman in perimenopause. UG empowers you by deleting the disempowering narrative from your system. She shows you the power that perimenopause is. I realised that I am only beginning the magical ride that started in my perimenopause. We need more women like UG on this planet‚ÄĚ.

Freedom In Perimenopause


“I found so many soul friends! I came back with a feeling of absolute security. There is a person in this world who has my back and that there is a circle of women who accept me for who I am. The power of a village was missing in my life. Now I feel loved even from afar. UG is beyond words. Just go to her. Experience her presence, depth and lineage power. You would have done yourself a favour". 

Pay What You Want

The Class Value is ‚ā¨345.

No matter how much you pay, you'll get the same course as everybody else. Thank you for your support.  







Why UG Is A Beloved Wisdom Teacher Worldwide

What should I address Udumbara Gesu as?

You can call her UG.¬†Her spiritual title is the Primordial Mother‚Äôs Mystic. She is the founder of Navel Consciousness‚ĄĘ,¬†the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing. UG is honoured worldwide for her exemplary clarity, empowering honesty and unconditional compassion.

What is UG's spiritual background?

UG is 4th generation Indigenous Eastern mystic from India. Born to doyens of Meditation & Energy Healing, UG grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. She experienced her first satori at 14.

  • UG's father Viswavijay Aftab¬†was personally mentored by Osho, the legendary disruptive master.¬†¬†
  • UG's mother¬†Maa Rabiya is a famed energy healing master .
  • John Lennon¬†and¬†George Harrison¬†of the famous band Beatles had invited¬†UG's uncle Raghvendra to start his own meditation practice in London in the 1960's.

What is UG's educational & professional qualification?

UG has double post graduation. One of which is a M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy with first class. She regularly updates herself with cutting edge mental health education. Thus walking the essence of East & West, Ancient & Modern balance fully. 

Does UG have any influential clients? 

Some of UG's famous clients are author Tanya Stewner, business leader Jesh Krishnamurthy, chef Marina Balakrishnan, relationship coach Ekta Dixit, & mystical artist ShivShera Azeer.

Has UG featured in media or influential platforms?

UG is a TEDx speaker. She has also spoken at various occasions with the rotary club and Aids Help. UG has appeared in regional, national and international media including Times of India, Tattva Viveka, The Indian Express, The Speaking Tree, Life Positive, Parent & Child, DNA, The Atelier, the Mid day etc.

Since when has UG been practicing?

Since 1998 from the age of 19, UG is preferred by influential and conscious seekers worldwide who solicit her guidance on personal growth, spiritual awakening & healing.

Who is UG personally?

UG is a conscious mother, in a relationship with an artist, a dotting daughter, a loving friend, an annoying activist for living meaningful lives, a foodie for old recipes, a fan of heritage handloom textiles, a circular environmentalist to list a few. 

Praise For UG 

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Tanya Stewner

Author - worldwide bestselling series Alea Aquarius 

 "Udumbara Gesu is all about authenticity. She is very clear with her thoughts, emotions and her actions. She is walking the talk. She takes great pride in taking care of her students. It’s rare to find such compassion and commitment. The kind of person that she is, is inspiring".

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Jesh Krishnamurti

Animation Legend, Founder Anibrain & Advanced Nature

"I have love and respect for you. Your words, which I love, resonate very deeply, leaving me amazed at your clarity. Much gratitude and love Gesu."

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Yukta Mookhey

Miss World 1999 

"So proud of your work and in deep admiration for the simplicity & the depth of your work. Can't wait to be mentored by you". 

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Kerstin D√ľllmann

Artist & Exclusive Travel Curator

"I've known Udumbara Gesu since 2003. I lived with UG in India for 5 years. I've witnessed her clarity in life. And that's why I can say that she has the heart of a realised woman, someone who helps you to tap into the most upgraded version of yourself."  

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Juliet Haines

Founder, Feminine Wisdom School

"UG, your transmission touched me to my bones. Thank you deeply from my heart". 

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Dr Radha Raghvan   

"Such impact! Wish we had these teachings when we were growing up". 

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Reshma Vij

"Clarity, clarity and more clarity. Clarity is our UG's Unique Selling Point".   

Pay What You Want

The Class Value is ‚ā¨345.

No matter how much you pay, you'll get the same course as everybody else. Thank you for your support.