Becoming one of world's top Personal Growth Mentor wasn't by accident


It started at 14 already

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What is Udumbara Gesu's title?

The Primordial Mother’s Mystic 


What has Udumbara Gesu founded?

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness‚ĄĘ,¬†the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing.¬†

She also channels the non-physical ethereal advanced  beings called the Udumbara.


What is UG's spiritual background?

UG is 4th generation Indigenous Eastern mystic from India. 

Born to doyens of Meditation & Energy Healing, UG grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. She experienced her first satori at 14, expanded eternally beyond her body in an ecstatic nuclear clarity that felt like home coming. She has been blessed with such satoris ever since, which gave her Navel Consciousness the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom.

Her father Viswavijay Aftab was personally mentored by Osho who was a professor of philosophy in the University of Jabalpur during 1960's. Acharya Rajneesh (who later renamed himself Osho) personally initiated VV Aftab into meditation. Osho carefully choose the places to send her father for self reflection. Osho individually picked the self discipline practices and books by International authors like Albert Camus, Hermann Hesse and George Gurdjieff to develop her father's world view, authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality. 

VVA was such a remarkable seeker that he was asked to stay and deepen his sadhana by many legendary mystics including Kashmiri Shivaism Mystic Laxman Joo and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 

Her mother, Mother Rabiya is the daughter of a Kashmiri Sufi practitioner and poet. Rabiya grew up surrounded by Sufi and Kashmiri Shaivism mystics, both propagating a nondualist approach to individual ascension. Her childhood revolved around heart centred devotion and love for god.

UG's uncle Raghvendra was personally invited by John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles fame to start his own meditation practice in London. Her uncle did not take up this offer as he was very devoted to his teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Raghvendra was one of the three important assistants of Maharishi. Raghvendra is featured in film the Beatles in Rishikesh by his initiate Emmi Award winner filmmaker Paul Saltzman.  


What are UG's educational qualifications?

UG has double post graduation. She is a post graduate in Mass Communication from the prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication. In 2011 UG strengthened her eastern spiritual endowment with a M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy with first class from The Global Open University, Nagaland. Thus walking the essence of East & West balance fully.


Does UG have any influential clients / students?

Some of world's pathbreakers have a secret advtage, an initiation / healing energy flow from UG. Amongst her students / clients are celebrities like author Tanya Stewner, business leader Jesh Krishnamurthy, chef Marina Balakrishnan, relationship coach Ekta Dixit, & mystical artist ShivShera Azeer.


What are UG's areas of expertise?

UG helps you break free from 13 specific 3000-year-old toxic self sabotage patterns you are unknowingly living with - and teaches you how to end this destructive cycle with Navel Consciousness, the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing.

she initiates you into Navel Consciousness, the most advanced consciousness on Earth for personal growth healing and spiritual awakening by connecting you to your navel's psycho-spiritual wisdom. She also channels the non-physical ethereal advanced  beings called the Udumbara.


Any public events / Media to UG's credit?

UG is a TEDx speaker. She has also spoken at various occasions with the rotary club and Aids Help. 

UG has appeared in regional, national and international media including Times of India, Tattva Viveka, The Indian Express, The Speaking Tree, Life Positive, Parent & Child, DNA, The Atelier, the Mid day etc.


Since when has UG been a personal growth & spirituality teacher?

Since 1998 from the age of 19, UG is preferred by influential and conscious seekers worldwide who solicit her guidance on personal growth, spiritual awakening & healing.

Known as the inner clarity maestro, UG is honoured worldwide for her exemplary clarity, empowering honesty and unconditional compassion. 


Who is UG personally? 

On a personal note, UG is a conscious mother, a foodie for old recipes, a fan of heritage handloom textiles and a circular environmentalist. 



Timeline Of Background - Achievements - Expertise


Udumbara Gesu (UG) started working in her late teens with India’s national TV, Doordarshan as part of production for the historical TV series Swaraj.

At 19, UG formed her event management company Shoot Stuff which bagged Indian Navy’s prestigious Navel Ball for 1998 & 2000 at INS Shivaji, Lonavala, Maharashtra. For her events she has worked with models like Gauhar Khan, Barkha Bisht, Tushar Raman who later became Indian Television and Film Actors.

The Navy Ball launched upcoming fashion designer fashion Hormazd Narielwalla who is now a British collage¬†artist, and author, based in London. She has worked with award winning Light designer Harshvardhan Pathak who currently designs light for the legendary Indian musical trio Shankar‚ÄďEhsaan‚ÄďLoy, & Indian rock band Agnee.

At 20 UG was made a Dynamic Reiki teacher by Mother Rabiya, founder of Mother Rabiya’s Healing Village.

At 21, to support her parents during a financial crisis, UG also joined as a full-time recruitment manager for a UK based private Health Care Recruitment Agency Avon Gorge Nursing Bureau that placed Indian nurses for geriatric care all over England.

At 23, in 2001, UG interned with award winning editor-director Javed Sayyed for the hit Hindi TV serial Heena for Sony Entertainment Television.

At 24, in 2002, UG Post graduated from the prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication SIMC, with an audio visual specialisation. She was the only one who opted out of the placement program offered by the college.

In 2003, at age 25, UG conceptualised & launched a social award function to honour veteran leaders and change makers in the field of social justice, art & industry. The first event was graced by Pune’s stalwarts like: National Award winner author and social activist Anil Awachat, president of the Indian Women’s hockey Federation & social activist Arnvaz Damania, Maharashtra State Award winner artist Sujata Dharap & 25 other dignitaries. UG was encouraged and guided by influential people like Padma Shree Actor & Psychiatrist Mohan Agashe, veteran activist and actor DR Shreeram Lagoo and Deepa Lagoo, Padma Shree Indian industrialist & philanthropist Mrs Lila Poonawala etc. Padma Bhushan Indian cardiologist Dr K B Grant and many more.

At age 27, in 2004 UG conducted her first international series of Dynamic Reiki workshops in Germany from Nov 2004 to Feb 2005. In the years to come she was invited to Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, Milan etc for her DR workshops.

In 2009, UG became a mother to their son, Kabir.

2011, UG completed her M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy with first class from The Global Open University, Nagaland.

In 2013, UG started to formulate Navel Consciousness, the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, healing & spirituality into a teachable material. She also accepted to receive Udumbara, the non-physical advanced ethereal beings, keepers of Navel Consciousness, her super niche in the field of mental health, wellbeing and spirituality.

In 2014, UG launched her online practice to reach her private circle of influential and conscious seekers across India and worldwide.

In 2018, UG started a one-year-Facebook-lives-challenge. She named it #SaturdayNightLive as a spiritual twist on the original series. Her lives are in the process of being turned into books.

In 2019, UG was invited to do a TEDx talk at just 6 days notice. She accepted the challenge and showed up for it. As if the crazy short notice was not enough, UG was also in the middle of tending to her young son struggling with high fever. She wowed to never repeat such self-pressuring commitments ever. This was a major breakthrough in her style of work.   

In 2022, after a 3-year-immersion, UG launched her fully functional online school to teach Navel Consciousness‚ĄĘ worldwide. The school has 60-minute on demand masterclasses for anyone wishing to get started with NC,12-month immersions for practitioners and advanced seekers and a live interactive immersions with UG every month.