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UG is one of the top Mentors in the world

She is a respected voice on personal growth & advanced energy healing.


She is known worldwide for her exemplary clarity, fierce honesty and unconditional compassion. 

Since 1998, UG has been the rare bold voice that influential, honest and conscious seekers crave. Celebrated and endorsed by leaders in every field. 

🎤 A TEDx speaker, UG is a wisdom teacher to real seekers from across the world. Admired & followed across generations from millennials to the elders.

Udumbara Gesu grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. This is why she founded Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (Book coming soon). 

She super specialises in human inner clarity. Guided by her timeless perception, she created the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, an international online campus, where she teaches the fundamentals of Navel Consciousness™ to willing seekers. 

On a personal note, UG is a conscious mother, an old recipes foodie, a heritage handloom textiles fan and a circular environmentalist.

UG is an Inner Clarity Maestro, a Mystic, but most of all someone who admires you for who you truly are.