You Were Robbed 3000 Years Ago







Back Then, We didn't Need Superheroes





3000 years ago a cosmic event changed everything for you. 

Men took the hardest blow. While they were made the pawns, others including women, children and the sentient beings of Earth became the victims.

Gradually we became the prisoners of this system because it stole our most precious asset.

It began with causing guilt, confusion and shame to our sexuality. Then it engulfed our self-esteem, our freedom and eventually our own wisdom to live our life.

3000 years ago fear, insecurity, loneliness, confusion and lack became the new normal.

Our magnificent old way was destroyed. 

Who Were You Before Ancient History Began?





Just like you, billions have wondered who existed before the impressive Indus, Vedic, Mayan, Celtic and Egyptian civilisations? 

Who did they learn from?

The old way belongs to the Primordial Mother who predates ancient history. 

In the Primordial reign, you were not divided into genders or classes. It didn't function in fragments. You didn't have to be either a brainy person or an emotional one. You were not torn between your heart and head. You didn't have to be at least two personalities. One for the world and one for yourself.

You didn't need validation. Neither did you ask for approval. You were never confused between right and wrong. 

In fact, you functioned as a whole. You used the wisdom of the ‘Whole Intuitive Circuit'. You lived your life with your own inner clarity.

But 3000 years ago you were made to betray the champion of your wholeness. 

You Were Given The Navel Wound





They Started to Cut Your Umbilical Cord.

Nobody tells you that most of your fear, failure, loneliness and stress is a result of your Navel Wound.

At birth, when your umbilical cord is cut. It seriously damages your navel both spiritually and physically. Giving you a dangerous disconnect from yourself and others known as the Deprivation Triade

As a result, You become a 'Clarity orphan’, deprived of your innate Absolute Inner Clarity.

A pool of stuck energies engulfs your life in fear, insecurities, choicelessness, disorientation, frustration, stress, loneliness, guilt and lack, right from birth.

Without the foundation of your own inner clarity, it becomes easier to exploit you. You look up to others for guidance, love, approval and validation.

All Deprivation Triade and its pawn patriarchy have to do is to give you the navel wound. After that, chaos, un-clarity and purposelessness follow you automatically.

Has your cord been cut right at birth? 

The Age Of Stupidity Began





The practice of cord-cutting plunged humanity into a toxic dive of mediocrity, chaos, violence and unsustainability.

Prestige, competition, money, power, short-sighted goals and status were made your benchmarks for life. 

Division, arguments, obstinate ideas became your lifestyle.

The old way of intuitive telepathy, clairvoyance, tranquillity, abundance, meaningfulness got replaced. Both in individuals and societies at large. 

Since then DT employed patriarchy to keep you shrewdly busy in atoning your sins to obtain favours of an equally shrewd God.

The truth is you don’t need to find God. You are God. You don’t even need to fix your heartbreaks, loneliness, pain, disorientation and money problems.

Why Nobody Tells You This





You are not a human. You are an infinite being having a human experience.

An infinite being is an absolutely clear being. This absolute clarity, which is your inheritance from the universe is connected to you at your navel.

It is given to you specifically to make your human experience a wise, joyous and meaningful life.

 This is why as an infinite being in a human experience, you don't just come with an intuition. In fact, you are geared with a complex intuitive circuit.

And your Navel is the root of that Whole Intuitive Circuit

When you are connected to it fully, you don’t need any babysitters for your consciousness. You are absolutely clear in life! 

You don't just thrive in life. In fact, you have a love affair with your life.

Using our Whole Intuited Circuit and living with timeless inner clarity was a common ability for everyone until the Deprivation Triade (and its pawn, the patriarchy) stole it from all of us.

What will it take to return to your Whole Intuitive Circuit?

A Love Affair With Your life





Udumbara Gesu's life is dedicated to helping you return to this love affair with your life.

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness™, NC is the primal healing wisdom that predates the Mayan, Vedic Celtic and Egyptian cultures.

A direct portal into the forgotten Primordial Mother who governs your Whole Intuitive Circuit.

It was systematically put to sleep in the last 5000 years by the onset of the Deprivation Triade.

However, as part of cosmic evolution, when planets like Earth begin their transition from collective unawareness to collective awareness, Navel Consciousness becomes available to them through a lineage of mystic women born for this purpose. *

After UG received her Navel Awakening Initiation from Mother Rabiya, the lineage elder and the only mystic on planet Earth who conducts this spiritual practice.

Udumbara Gesu founded the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG. An international online campus, where she teaches the fundamentals of Navel Consciousness™ to willing seekers. 

UG's Navel Consciousness wisdom is so vast that she has a 3-year curriculum just for the fundamentals of NC.     

 * You will often find godmen plagiarising UG's content for their benefit. Yet another patriarchial appropriation.  








Scientists believe that the ENS evolved in humans before the central nervous system, which means it has been around longer than the brain you are using to read this text.

ENS, the Enteric Nervous System is the second brain in the gut. Although it's connected to the central nervous system, it operates independently. 

Scientists have discovered that it is not only responsible for our gastrointestinal health but also our moods. As secretion of Serotonin, the happy hormone & Dopamine, the joy hormone is associated with a healthy ENS. An increasing number of doctors are now treating patients with clinical depression by enhancing their gut bacteria. 

According to Ayurveda  72,000, Nadi (Energy vessels) emerge from the Navel.  

According to regenerative medicine, life-saving stem cells are available in the umbilical cord.

These discoveries by science are only the tip of the iceberg. While Science is localised to the physical advantages. At #SAICUG, UG helps you open up to the bio-psycho-spiritual abundance of your navel's widom. 

She initiates you into a totally new spatial reality called the ‘Navel Abundance Triade’.

Once plugged into it, you begin your transition back into the infinite being you originally are. Into a new world of greatness, a new realm of possibilities available to us right here, right now. 

You begin shifting your vibration from effort to ease, scarcity to abundance, and illness to health. Systematically freeing yourself from the Deprivation Triade's grip one step at a time. 

More importantly, you finally begin your descend.   

#SAICUG Clarity Wheel shows you the fundamental 9-dimensional clarity that an infinite being has when incarnating into a body. 

This is a bare minimum in order to live life wisely and joyously.

Remember, how it is stolen from you at your birth.  

At #SAICUG, with UG, you will finally begin your descend from the overwhelm of your head & emotions into the intuitive wisdom of your navel.   

During your journey with UG, she will take you through the 9 stages of sacred fundamental clarity, one step at a time.  

With UG, you will move beyond the limitations of linear mental clarity into the living intelligence of our absolute inner clarity.  

"All of your issues resolve themselves one after the other when you hit the bull's eye. Stop wasting your time on fixing individual problems. Reach deeper to the crux of it all and rise from there like a Pheonix. Churning your challenges into your true power". UG 

Awakening your sexual clarity may bring transformation in your money problems. Whereas awakening your karmic clarity may transform your emotional disasters inside out.

Join #SAICUG on this transformative journey into the sacred 9-dimensional clarity to know your own infinity and apply it in your evolution as a cosmic traveller. 

 Have You Heard of J.O.J?







In the transition from the Primordial Mother's path to the Deprivation Traide, we were made to sacrifice our JOJ, joy of the journey.

DT gave us an urgency to reach goals. It made destinations more important than the journey. As a result, it created toxic humanity despite the wealth of knowledge available to us. 

At the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, you are re-initiated into the joy of the journey. 

Where becoming absolutely clear in life is a strategic, deliberate and conscious journey.

This means you are not hurried over a weekend seminar. Nor are you forced to unlearn the chaos of your life over a few days retreat. 

You have the choice of learning deeply so that you don't just understand but also get the time to apply the wisdom to your life. Since 1998, Udumbara Gesu has been helping seekers from across the world meet their infinite nature and uncover their inherent Ecstasy, Self-Trust, Courage and Absolute Clarity. 

At #SAICUG you have the rare privilege of pace. 







"Udumbara Gesu's style of teaching gives your soul a deep satisfaction. It's as if someone finally heard it, translated it and conveyed it back to you. There is no choice but to transform. It's almost effortless because she has literally done the work for you. I say almost because the realisation and implementation is our job. She won't entertain any laziness on that front. The implementation journey becomes an ecstatic process rather than a drag. "

ShivShera Azeer
Artist & Bio Architect

"The person I had been before when I started out I was living from my brain and I trusted only my brain. The journey has been kind of downwards. Starting with my brain and then my heart came into it and after that my navel came into it. Now there is this complete self-trust. It’s not just trust in the brain, but in my heart and my navel as well. I have become whole. There is still a feeling of emptiness but it’s a good emptiness. It’s an emptiness where there is an infinite amount of possibilities."

Michelle Pyka

"It is not easy to describe my experience because it was the most complex and unbelievable experience and at the same time simple and obvious. But in a few words, Udumbara Gesu took my hand and helped me find myself. Something I had been looking for all my life but would never have guessed. Nor would I have been able to find it on my own because I wasn't trained to do so. She helps you become clear about who you truly are and what your true potential is. "

Francis Mistry







#SAICUG has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming our learners.


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I Am Looking for You





In my view a real seeker is invaluable. But how do you define one? 

Here are 7 signs that I look for in you.  

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ The real seeker is looking to have an honest relationship with themselves and whatever they impact.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They are accountable enough to slow down and absorb the truth of their life.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They are ready to detangle their life's chaos but with compassion for everything including themselves.  

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They maybe apprehensive but never afraid of finding out who they are.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They allow both laughter as well as tears to wash their wounds.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They can celebrate the joy of becoming instead of counting goals and failures.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They prefer Spiritual sanctity instead of modern chaos.  

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ They cut through the hypnotic trance of the modern spiritual market. And focus on having a valuable, real and true connection with their Wisdom Teacher.

Is This You? 








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This is My Guarantee





#SAICUG has a 99% retention rate.

Students join in for a year and stay with me for decades.

My oldest students have been with me for 17 years now.

I know with experience and track records that every class of #SAICUG is life-transforming.

If the 1st class itself doesn't open up your world to a totally new reality of ease, clarity and liberation. I will refund you 

No hurdles, no delays, no questions asked.

Join #SAICUG for 7 days. If you’re not overjoyed with your decision, you can cancel your trial anytime for a refund. 

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Abusive relationships, illnesses, sabotaging, shame, broken heart, crazymaker relationships, divorce, betrayal, humiliation, being misunderstood, taken for granted, being a misfit. Having a loved one die. I have been through it.

That's why I am not a preacher. That’s why I am not even a teacher. This is why I am a Wisdom Teacher.

Wisdom doesn’t come from accumulated knowledge. It comes from having experienced the pain and joy of living.

Technically, I am qualified in the nuances of human consciousness and psychology but I purposely never throw those big words at you. Because words without personal experience of life fall flat.

Words without actual inner clarity are deceiving. Words may be impressive but they don't create an actual transformation for you or for me.

This is why my greatest qualification is my life. 

The proof is in the pudding. My life is constantly moving from chaos to clarity. From limitation to expansion in every way.

This is not an accident or a privilege. It's the result of a journey of cut-throat honesty with myself. To live this honesty, I burn up my own illusions and comfort zones first. I constantly overthrow labels and dogmas that imprison me. 

To me, courage is to light the fire of truth with my own hands. Even when my hands are trembling.

Does it warm your heart? Or does it scare you a bit? Both ways we are already resonating.

I suggest you get to know me better. 

One more thing, because I know what I have been through, I know you too. This is why I am already a fan of your soul & its strength. - UG 

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