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 Naturally Ecstatic


 Courageous &

 Fully Clear   

This is the anatomy of every graduate from UG School of Absolute Inner Clarity 

You were robbed 

Does life feel complex, unpredictable, confusing or plain turbulent?

It's not life that doesn’t make sense.  

It's not even you. In fact, you were robbed of your natural inner clarity at birth. Like someone stole your map after you arrived in a new country. 

Without your inner map, you're unable to understand life and its messages for you. 

A Love Affair With Life 

Before you were robbed at birth, you had a direct connection to a timeless absolute inner clarity within you.  

When re-connected to it fully, you don’t need any babysitters for your consciousness. 

You are absolutely clear in life!  

You don't just live. You have a love affair with your life.

Helping you initiate or strengthen this love affair with your life, is Udumbara Gesu's life mission. 

The Inner Clarity badass 

Who were you before the male-female divide?

Who were you before your head started to battle with your heart? 

Your speciality lies in your uniqueness. This is why UG takes you to the fundamental place where your uniqueness lives, uninterrupted. 

Udumbara Gesu is the founder of Navel Consciousness™, the primal healing wisdom that awakens your whole intuitive circuit Navel-Heart-Mind.

Functioning from this whole circuit was a common ability of all beings for millennia before patriarchy took over 3000 years ago. With the rise of patriarchy, navel, the sacred feminine element of our whole intuitive circuit got lost. 

This healing & living wisdom belongs to the Primordial Mother. She predates the ancient Vedic, Egyptian and Mayan civilisations.

You are systematically initiated into Navel Consciousness™ at UG School of Absolute Inner Clarity.

Our alumni are known as The New Clear Woman / Man / Being, the ultimate inner clarity badass.

And here is the cherry on top. Navel Consciousness is only taught by UG on this planet. 

🚨 Be careful. Don't be fooled by fake 'experts' copying her public material.  

The Abnormal School

Every human being is an energy apparatus. 

So when you experiment with a meditation or a healing modality, you are bound to have some sort of a spiritual awakening. It’s natural but not such a big deal. Contrary to the modern spiritual faff, having an energy experience, like travelling out of your body, sensing your aura, becoming more intuitive or clairvoyant is not a big deal, at all!

The big deal is your becoming 

In fact, the big deal is who you become because of the spiritual awakening. It becomes a big deal only when you have transformed your spiritual awakening into an everyday living reality. Something tangible. Something measurable. It's not a race to enlightenment.

Our alumni are seekers who keep walking the talk beyond success and failures. 

TNCW School may not be for you

I founded this School for a certain kind of people. But first, let me tell you who won’t fit here.

Woke spiritual zombies: loaded with divine awakenings but not even a shred of awareness in everyday life. 

Boasting social status: or surnames. Only your willingness to heal your life impresses me. 

Pimping my clairvoyance: This is not a psychic circus for quick fixes.

Emotional Brats: I know the difference between a wounded person and an emotional brat. 

Intimidated by an empowered woman: If my clarity intimidating, you need psychotherapy first. 

Triggered by money: If my fee triggers you but you have money for weddings, holidays, shoes & dope. I rest my case. 

Plagiarists: If you are scavenging my material to appropriate as yours. My lawyers are waiting to meet you. 

Unless you want to start from scratch.

A real seeker is welcome 

TNCW School is for the real seeker who is looking to have an honest relationship with themselves and whatever they impact.

The one who is accountable enough to slow down and absorb the truth of their life.

The one ready to detangle with compassion.  

The one who is apprehensive but not afraid of finding out who they are.

The one who can allow laughter as well as tears to wash their wounds.

The one who can celebrate the joy of becoming.

Spiritual sanctity in modern chaos.  

The seeker who will cut through the noise and the hypnotic trance of the modern spiritual market. To have a valuable, real and true connection with their Wisdom Teacher.

Is this you? If yes, then come be a part of a togetherness that gives you space to be you, and yet has your back. 

Yes Please 🚀 Join School

Student Stories Worldwide


I’ve been there, too 

Life has been as harsh to me as it has been to you.

Abusive relationships, diseases, self-sabotage, shame, broken heart, separations, betrayal, humiliation or simply being a misfit. You name it and I have probably had it.

That's why I am not a preacher. I don't speak from accumulated knowledge. Even though I am trained in to the nuances of human consciousness, I don't throw big words at you. Because words without personal experience of inner clarity fall flat. They don't create an actual transformation.

My life's experiences have been my greatest teachers.

Hence I offer wisdom arising from what I know for sure. 

And what I have experienced is having a higher purpose in life than just surviving it. Having penetrating clarity in chaotic moments of life. Practising fierce honesty. Being in transcendental love instead of a conditional one. Being a conscious mother. Having sustainable success. Living benevolent relationships. Connecting to an ecstatic god, not a dramatic vengeful one. And most of all being able to laugh truly.  

If this warms your heart or even scares you a bit then we are already resonating. I suggest you get to know me better. 

One more thing, I am already a fan of your soul & its strength. 

Read my life story

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Join Udumbara Gesu as she unravels the archetype keeping you engaged in confusion, pain & struggle. Free yourself, free your life and free your mother too!  

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