Are you amongst the 3 billion souls who have come to Earth during these challenging times to become examples of natural ecstatic living?

Explore how Inner Clarity Maestro Udumbara Gesu (UG) is transforming personal development with the revolutionary 25000-year-old, forgotten Healing & Wisdom.

UG is on a mission to help you break free from the 3000-year-old self-defeating patterns embedded in you. And help you return to the Sacred Inner Clarity that was stolen from you at birth.

Leave fear, shame, insecurities, lack and loneliness behind. Awaken your power and possibilities as UG initiates you into the most advanced consciousness on Earth.

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The results speak for themselves

The School of Absolute Inner Clarity by Udumbara Gesu (SAICUG) has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming our learners. Testimonials from celebrities to working professionals, students and homemakers show how UG has been transforming lives worldwide! 

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Private Consult with UG


UG is one of the world’s top Seers and a respected voice on consciousness.

In this destiny-changing session, UG will personally read your Soul & Life's karmic trajectory. 

She will show you, your powers and possibilities in this lifetime.

Cut short guessing, hard work and blindspots.

Dive straight into your power and build a life that you came to live. 

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Get Mentored by UG


UG is one of the world’s top Mentors and a bold voice on personal development.

In this destiny-changing program, UG will show you the exact Navel Consciousness practice to revoke the ancient 3000-year-old Deprivation Triade download of negative energies embedded in you.

She will help awaken your Sacred Inner Clarity with powerful primordial practices that you can incorporate into everyday life.  

For real seekers who know they deserve the best.

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Receive Healing from UG


UG is one of the world’s top Healers and a coveted voice on advanced energy healing.

Whether you are suffering from mental or physical issues, we can help you heal from the inside out.

What if we told you that you don’t even have to be present for the healing sessions, you can go on with your life while receiving the most advanced healing wisdom on the planet: Navel Consciousness remote healing by Udumbara  Gesu!

Get results that last a lifetime.

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Tanya Stewner 

Bestselling Author 

Udumbara Gesu is all about authenticity. She is very clear with her thoughts and her actions. She is walking the talk. The kind of woman that she is, is awfully inspiring.


About Udumbara Gesu

UG is an Inner Clarity Maestro, a Mystic woman, but most of all someone who admires you for who you truly are  

UG is known worldwide for her exemplary clarity, fierce honesty and unconditional compassion. 

Since 1998, UG has been the rare bold voice that influential, honest and conscious seekers crave. 

🎤 A TEDx speaker, UG is adored & followed by children and millennials alike, respected by Gen X and admired by the elders.

Udumbara Gesu grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. This is how she became the founder of Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (Book coming soon). 

She super specialises in human inner clarity. Guided by her timeless perception, she founded the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, an international online campus, where she teaches the fundamentals of Navel Consciousness™ to willing seekers. 

She is a wisdom teacher to real seekers from across the world. A conscious mother, an old recipes foodie, a heritage handloom textiles fan and a back-to-the-basics environmentalist. Celebrated and endorsed by leaders in every field. 

But she didn't reach her personal ecstasy and Ikigai without wading through her inheritance of struggles and stupidity.

Read her interesting story. 

About UG

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