Case Studies  

Over two decades of successful transformation stories for global clients






Case study 1 

Richard and Shannon, a gay couple swirled in a toxic haze despite a love that cut deep enough to defy the social norms of a very orthodox setup.

They began #SAICUG Phase 1, not knowing if they would continue further. They weren’t sure how a long term commitment to personal growth with a single teacher worked.

They went in deeper than UG had expected, into a love affair, not only with each other but more importantly with their explosion of clarity. 

Here is what they wrote to UG one day.

“You peel a person to their bare brilliance. What’s left is an undeniable inner clarity. What you live after that is undeniable authenticity. What you feel is an undeniable love for self and for anyone you consider the ‘other’. Peaceful is an understatement. We love you, our darling Udumbara. We will stay on this journey for a long time to come because we are sort of addicted to inner clarity now :).”

S & R 

 *Some names have been changed for privacy.

 Case study 2 

Priya a young woman of 32 was clear that she didn’t like women. Her heart had been broken by women in different roles. UG knew exactly what she was talking about. In fact, a lot of women would resonate with Priya. Women have hurt women bad, real bad. This is a truth we have to both face as well as heal.

Priya began her #SAICUG Phase 1 journey in 2018. Priya thought she was going to focus only on healing her money issues.

2  months into the journey so much came up for her that had nothing to do with her money and yet impacted its free flow.   

With UG, Priya had to turn inwards.

“I saw that despite being a woman, the female patriarch in me is tall, staunch and opinionated. I did not believe that women can run a household successfully with their money. Yes, I am only 32. Yes, I live in this reality where women have broken many glass ceilings. Yes, I see you, UG running your household successfully. A dozen other regressive conclusions about women burped up from within me. I was surprised and aghast to meet the female patriarch in me. The beauty of awakening to my karmic clarity is that I’ve come to know what’s going in the green room of my subconscious. Now I invariably know what is going to show up. I can and do change the show! 

Do I love you UG? Oh, my god, yes! You are amongst one of the loves of my life. Remember that, please. 


Case study 3

Mahesh did not want to forgive his sister for divorcing and marrying again for love. He loved his sister. She had supported him to become the man he is today, successful and happy. Despite such a strong bond, he did not have either the compassion or the perspective for his sister who was happy in her world.

When Mahesh began working with #SAICUG he was proud of his ability to be stubborn. He called it 'not giving in at any cost'.  

He even mumbled some new age nonsense to impress UG.

Through his journey of private sessions with UG, he unlearnt his complicated relationship with time. By first dipping into his purpose clarity, he began to recognise where exactly one must take time and where one shouldn’t. He got hooked. After a two year journey, Mahesh says:

“I learnt to take my time to love and that has changed everything in my life. Everything. Everything. All those places I thought no one can change have changed too. The gift of inner clarity is what I am passing on to my children. One day I want Udumbara Gesu to teach them to tap into it. This is real education. Rest is an expensive waste of time”.


 Case study 4 

Aditi wanted a handsome, loyal and loving man to be her partner. She started her journey at #SAICUG in 2020 and has stayed on enjoying her unexpected evolution.

With UG, Aditi had to turn inwards for love. Instead of looking out for Mr perfect, she had to look within to find the woman she truly is. 

This is what she wrote to UG one day.

“I believed that I was a feminist. I am a Mumbai born. Fierce, free and powerful. That’s our brand, I think. But your work has taught me something precious about Feminism. First, it taught me to recognise if I am practising actual feminism or its toxic cousin. Then it taught me various nuances of the new clear woman, basically being a whole woman. Not only is that deeply healing and honouring for me as a woman but I think it’s transformative because it cuts away the trauma and chaos that women come with. A single new clear woman can radiate an ocean of clarity, effortlessly. Thus transforming the world effortlessly. At this level, you have taken the hard work out of feminism. Of course, we still have to fight for women’s rights. I wanted a loyal and loving man to walk with me but I never actually looked at myself. What could I be to a man like this? You taught me this, which means I now know your secret of why you have such a powerful man with you ;).” 


Case study 5

Tomas could float out of his body very easily. He saw anyone's aura very clearly. He could expand his senses in no time. He was sensitive and calm. He could stare out of the window for hours. Even though he was a totally spiritual person he had a nervous breakdown with depression setting in.

His wife signed him up for #SAICUG in 2009. Just for a short stint ;). 

With UG, Tomas had to stop floating around purposelessly into this giant universe. He had to centre back to his impact on himself. At first, he didn’t like it. In fact, like many men raised in patriarchy, he didn’t like a woman telling him what to do, especially about spirituality.

But then he also liked what he learned. Every class of SAICUG is designed for weirdos who can't help but be spiritual. They are designed to take you out of this dichotomy and give you the harmony of a pragmatic psycho-spiritual wholeness. It gave him peace of mind and harmony between his spiritual and worldly self. Here is what he wrote to UG one day.

When I saw your pic, I didn’t like you. Youlooked serious and unapproachable. Its not easy to understand  your compassion. 

Now I can’t do without you! You have held my hand when I wasn’t letting anyone hold it. Even though I have so much spiritual experience, which I know you have too, I was un-tethered and hopeless. You not only have a craft, you have the compassion, perception and most of all patience to help a person reach their truth. You have given me the gift of uniting my two worlds into a graceful harmony. I am more active, more involved, more caring. Being spiritual is no more a burden. It’s the wind beneath my wings. I love you. You are my sister, my wisdom teacher and my confidant. Forever grateful".


Case study 6

Sara is a millennial content creator who found her life purpose through her true voice. But she was deeply entrenched in the obnoxious number game. She found UG online and began her #SAICUG journey in 2016.

With UG, Sara had to rehabilitate from the ‘numbers’ addiction. She didn’t like it at first. In fact to be honest she truly doubted UG's sanity about this matter. Soon she began to see what UG can see that you cannot fake authenticity and wisdom for too long. People see through it after a point in time.

Sara chose private sessions journey with UG.  In 6 months already she experienced explosive clarity in 5 areas of her life.

This is what she experienced.

“For a millennial, it is quite simply, a journey like no other. I know that we millennials are yearning for a deeper purpose in life. Survival is not our goal. I don’t just want to live. I want to create an impact. My actual purpose began to surface While UG personally guided me deeper into my Absolute Inner Clarity Journey. It was very different from what I had imagined it to be. But nevertheless deeply healing to recognise.

Now when I create content, it’s from my heart with a purpose to connect, build trust and heal. The impact has grown multifold, the audience trust ratings are up. My relatives have stopped nagging me. Instead, they want my opinions now. These are only a few long term transformations that I am listing. Everything else has changed. Everything! By helping me find my true life purpose, UG directed me to a never before freedom”


Case study 7

Naomi was in for disappointment because she wanted quick fixes for her deep rooted issues. She had heard a lot of good things from UG’s regular students about how UG helps them fix a major issue sometimes within minutes.

I don't believe in shortcuts, hence I don't offer any.”-UG

With UG, Naomi had to move towards timelessness. She began her #SAICUG journey in 2013. In the first month already it gave her a ground to plant her Oak tree seed. Years later, she still continues her grounding. Here is what Naomi, once a squirrel hopping all over the spiritual world has to say about her journey so far.

"UG gives us a clear map with a compass, markers, and direction so clear that you need not run anymore. She has woven timelessness in deep insightful strategies for modern life. While they awaken you with a bolt, they calm you down simultaneously. Sacred teaching, a wise guide to accompany us on our journey of awakening our own inner clarity. This is a path for the eager souls like me who have been restless to discover the balanced, joyous and perceptive versions of ourselves".


Case study 8

Neil wanted to heal his girlfriend who had a serious alcohol addiction. She was sexually abused as a child. This pain had thrust her into often taking escape routes. In order to deaden her pain, she wanted to drink to oblivion. Alcohol fulfilled her self escape through self-abuse.

Neil, on the other hand, wanted to stand by his wounded girlfriend and heal her back to love and joy. He wanted to be the hero whose love would’ve awakened her to a new life. But it never happened. No matter how he approached it, his girlfriend found a way to go back to self-abuse.

This is not an unusual scenario. A lot of young women are trying to escape some bitter truth of their life by using temporary sedatives like alcohol, pretence modernism and causeless rebellion to no avail. The bitterness returns as soon as the sedative wears off-UG

Neil was torn and finally burnt out.

When Neil began his #SAICUG journey in 2014, all he wanted was solutions for his girlfriend and health for himself. UG did not have any instant noodles solution for him. With her, Neil had to turn inwards. 6 months into his #SAICUG journey he wrote this to UG in a private chat (Shared with his permission).

“The way I grew up, I was made to believe that guidance always comes from outside of you. From god. From your parents or religious figures. I was made to believe that this guidance is agenda-less. That it is pure, full of blessings and new possibilities. But all of that is half-truth. No one is without an agenda. We all shake in fear and insecurities that we have inherited. The big shock came when I awoke to my own sedatives. They were addictive not to mention self-defeating. The karmic stupidity that I awoke to was that I wasn’t dating a woman who needed to be healed. I was dating my own reflection of self-defeating patterns. What an awakening! What a journey it has been after that! Where do you get these gems from my beautiful Wisdom Teacher? Now, I want to invite my friends to this awakening and I do hope they can see it for the chance that it is”.


Case study 9

Andrea was worried sick about her mother. All she wanted was peace for her mother's aching heart. Andrea was puzzled and disappointed when she realised that the peace of mind and health she wanted for her mother is an incomplete ask. It's useless unless Andrea works on herself. 

We started Andrea’s mother on #SAICUG’s NC Remote Healing Program while Andrea took admission in #SAICUG in 2021.

She went ahead even when she found it difficult to believe that her Journey to Awaken her own Absolute Clarity will have any impact on her mother’s wellbeing. 

This is what Andrea wrote after her phase I journey was over.

“ When my mother changed because I stepped into my own inner clarity, it awoke a magic that I was not aware of. Nothing was spoken to my mother but she began to relax as if impacted by an invisible telepathic network. A magic that I understood later should be taught to us much earlier in life. In close relationships we waste so much time in interpersonal conflict arising out of love and care. I stopped wasting our time by trying to save her and stepped into the ease of a different model of reality that UG shows you. The one beyond the cosmic patterns of toxicity that keep parents and children tied up in a swirl of emotional trauma. Help yourself to help your mother.”