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Presenting inner clarity like you've never seen it before from The OG Herself. Discover how UG helps today’s pathbreakers use Navel Consciousness to hack into their Sacred Inner Clarity and employ it to live meaningful deeply satisfying lives. Celebrating their courage, creativity and love unapologetically. 

💣 Here is a truth bomb


Did you know that all your struggles today go back to 3000 year old toxic self sabotage patterns you are unknowingly living with?

All of us have these patterns. They plague the essentials of our life like self-worth, love in relationships, abundance, social empowerment, health (physical, mental, spiritual) and more. 

How it started: This destructive system started 3000 years ago, when they established the damaging practice of mindlessly cutting your umbilical cord at birth. It immediately disconnects you from your innate self-trust, healing abilities & a unique creative life assigned to you by your soul. 

The result: You've lost the magic and miracles you once felt. Except for some moments of happiness, the rest of your life is about firefighting and surviving the everyday mind f*#k, battling self-doubt, insecurities, confusion. Being misunderstood, feeling trapped in a life. Suffocated by social pressures or exhausted by rebelling against them. 

Has your umbilical cord been cut at birth?


Find out which type soul disconnection damage you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽


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Do you struggle with constant heartbreaks?

Like Neha who always ends up being the hurt one even though, she tries fresh approaches all the time.

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Do you struggle with insecurities?

Like Ray who tries very hard but keeps getting buried under the pressures of life, feeling constantly drained by self-doubt.

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Do you struggle with body issues?

Like Magda who doesn't understand why she was hit by a disease that is holding her life hostage. 

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Do you struggle with an unfulfilled life?

Like Nick who realises that achieving social milestones made him very successful but he is never truly happy.

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Do you struggle with money worries?

Like Mackie who feels that their money issues impact their life, relationships, self-esteem in more ways than one. 

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Do you struggle with toxic  relationships?

Like Najah who feels that their life is all about dealing and healing from relationship trauma and drama.  

Let's start breaking this destructive cycle with  

Navel Consciousness Personal Growth & Healing Wisdom

Navel Consciousness by Udumbara Gesu, a 25000 year old healing wisdom. Learn from UG

What if we told you that you will be initiated into a healing wisdom that is far older than the most ancient cultures like the Mayan, Vedic, Chinese, Celtic and Egyptian. A wisdom beyond religions and dogmas. You don't need to put your 'faith' in it. It works with or without you believing in it. Backed by latest science. 

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (book coming soon)

NC is the most advanced consciousness on Earth and will remain so for the next 9000 years.

Navel Consciousness is taught only by UG on the planet.

🚨Beware of frauds, imposters & centres claiming to be UG or her representative. She has trained no one so far. 

Program Details:

Become Fearless, Self-Trusting & Self-Approved in UG's bestseller 

Navel Consciousness Festival Of Clarity





Why NC Festival Of Clarity?


No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, and no matter what you’ve done with your life so far. Let's find out what your sacred inner clarity is and what kind of an ecstatic life you are capable of creating from it. 

Your Sacred Inner Clarity is: unique capacities gifted to you by your soul before your brith. Consider it your personal treasure trove of wisdom, magic, miracles, clarity, ease & abundance for your life. This intuitive brilliance, which resides in your cells, mind, heart & energy was stunted at your brith when your umbilical cord is cut abruptly and unconsciously in this age of unconsciousness.

UG gently guides you towards your Sacred Inner Clarity, which waits for you to choose it again and live your deeply satisfying majestic life.


Why UG?

In UG’s presence is a rare fortune as one feels enveloped by an ancient mystical force. Her aura is a portal for transformation. Her words are energetically powered to move mountains within you. Creating inner freedom from ancient blocks. Her energy is a field of unconditional love, in which your heart feels safe. Her style is contemporary, light and joyous holding a non judgmental space for your evolution. Being in her presence initiates you into the 9th dimensional frequencies of Ecstasy, Abundance & Health

Because UG helps you celebrate yourself. She removes the seriousness of healing and growing. She uses candour, humour, laughter and lightness as her primary tools. Initiating you into the ecstasy of your personal growth.


Look Forward To Destiny Changing Hacks

😎 harness the power of your Your Sacred Inner Clarity. Especially to change things you don’t like in your life.
😎 create your future successes & happiness right now.
😎 transform your life, work, relationships and everything else in just a few minutes a day. 
What you will experience and learn is the secret sauce to understanding who you are and how magic and miracles can happen in your everyday life.

"Come! Dance the joyous dance of Sacred Inner Clarity with me, UG".




The results speak for themselves 

UG has 99% retention rate   
  UG has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming her program participants. Find out why from celebrities to coaches, everyone loves FOC👇🏽.


 Do you feel like Richard, Sara or Neil? 

Freedom from Shame

Richard & Shanon 

“You peel a person to their bare brilliance. What’s left is an undeniable inner clarity. We love the undeniable authenticity that UG laughingly facilitates in us. After starting FOC, we feel a totally different level of self-love. We respect ourselves and each other with ease and understanding. Feeling peaceful is an understatement. We love you, our darling Udumbara. We will stay on this journey for a long time to come because we are sort of addicted to inner clarity now :).”

Freedom from Aimlessness


“For a millennial, its a journey like no other. I know that we millennials are yearning for a deeper purpose in life. Survival is not our goal. I don’t just want to live. I want to create an impact. My actual purpose began to surface on UG's one year program. It was very different from what I had imagined it to be. 

Now when I create content, it’s from my heart with a purpose to connect, build trust and heal. The impact has grown multifold, the audience trust ratings are up. My relatives have stopped nagging me. Instead, they want my opinions now. These are only a few long term transformations that I am listing. Everything else has changed. Everything! By helping me find my true life purpose, UG directed me to a never before freedom”

Freedom from Relationship Trauma


“I could not only see my blindspots but I could also heal them extensively. I am not free from them but I am not at their mercy anymore. I have an upperhand for sure. And for this I am forever grateful to my beautiful soul sister, UG. 

What I love about UG style is that she brings you to the most profound healing with ease and even a lot of laughter.

Now, I want to invite my friends to this awakening and I do hope they can see it for the chance that it is”.

Freedom from unfufilment


“I joined Festival Of Clarity because I just loved the name. I have been a confused person all my life. I have been a person who has sacrificed he r happiness for everyone else. Over the last 4 months in FOC with UG I have learnt that trauma and grief doesn't define us. What I have learnt most importantly is how to let it go with ease. The space UG holds for you, the transformative power she has, the ease she facilitates, the language and her laughter, everything is healing. Clarity is her power and she envelopes you in it."


Freedom from unhealthy patterns


“UG's superpower is a penetrating inner clarity about life and us the person living it. She breaks life down into bite sized chewable pieces that one can start to enjoy. I have always wanted to have a zen teacher like her. Sharp, loving, wise and bold beyond words. She teaches you a liberating boldness to live your truth. She is strict to look at but once you come into her energy, her aura is so loving. Laughter and fun define my experience of coming home to me and being more me than i ever have”.

Freedom from loneliness


“I was looking for love. Not just romantic love but love in general. This world is so serious, so selfish and so unromantic about life. I found not just a loving teacher in UG, I also found a fun tribe that loves to have clarity in life. I am very happy about FOC. Every month I look forward to UG's incredible presence and wisdom and the aura of the tribe. I boosts me up for the whole month ahead. "


Social Proof for UG

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Becoming one of world's top Personal Growth Mentor wasn't by accident


It started at 14 already







UG is known as the Primordial Mother’s Mystic & founder of Navel Consciousness™, the 9th dimensional science of personal growth, spirituality & healing. 

UG is honoured worldwide for her exemplary clarity, empowering honesty and unconditional compassion.

SPIRITUAL BACKGROUND: UG is 3rd generation Indigenous Eastern mystic from India. Born to doyens of Meditation & Energy Healing, UG grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. She experienced her first satori at 14.

EDUCATION: UG has double post graduation. One of which is a M.Sc in Counselling & Psychotherapy with first class. Thus walking the essence of East & West balance fully. 

INFLUENTIAL CLIENTS: Some of world's pathbreakers have a secret advantage, an initiation / remote healing from UG. Amongst her students / clients are celebrities like author Tanya Stewner, business leader Jesh Krishnamurthy, chef Marina Balakrishnan, relationship coach Ekta Dixit, & mystical artist ShivShera Azeer.

MEDIA: UG is a TEDx speaker. She has also spoken at various occasions with the rotary club and Aids Help. UG has appeared in regional, national and international media including Times of India, Tattva Viveka, The Indian Express, The Speaking Tree, Life Positive, Parent & Child, DNA, The Atelier, the Mid day etc.

SINCE WHEN: Since 1998 from the age of 19, UG is preferred by influential and conscious seekers worldwide who solicit her guidance on personal growth, spiritual awakening & healing.

PERSONALLY: On a personal note, UG is a conscious mother, a foodie for old recipes, a fan of heritage handloom textiles and a circular environmentalist. 

Yukta Mookhey

Miss World 1999 

"So proud of your work and in deep admiration for the simplicity & the depth of your work. Can't wait to be mentored by you". 

Kerstin Düllmann

Artist & Exclusive Travel Curator

"I've known Udumbara Gesu since 2003. 

I am not just a student who has done various workshops with her. In fact, I lived with her in India for 5 years. So I have seen her up close in her greatest difficulties and also her greatest successes. I have witnessed her clarity in life. 

I have watched her help all types of seekers find their own inner clarity. And that's why I can say that she has the heart of a realised woman, someone who helps you to tap into the most upgraded version of yourself."  

Juliet Haines

Founder, Feminine Wisdom School

"UG, your transmission touched me to my bones. Thank you deeply from my heart". 

Reshma Vij

"Clarity, clarity and more clarity. Clarity is our UG's Unique Selling Point".   

Jesh Krishnamurti

Animation Legend, Founder Anibrain

"I have love and respect for you (UG). Your words, which I love, resonate very deeply, leaving me amazed at your clarity. Much gratitude and love Gesu."

Dr Radha Raghvan

Dr Radha Raghvan   

"Such impact! Wish we had these teachings when we were growing up". 


Benefits of Navel Consciousness  

Become Courageous to live your true life as UG will introduce you to your Sacred Emotional Clarity. As a result, you will begin to recognise and unlearn the critical voice in your head. You will bring a totally new kind of abundance into your life.

Boost Your Courage


UG will introduce you to your Sacred Purpose Clarity. Your self-worth will touch a new high.

Boost Your Self-Trust


UG will introduce you to your Sacred Mental Clarity. You'll bring an unshakable certainty into your life.

Boost Your Clarity


UG will introduce you to your Sacred Relationship Clarity. You'll start a joyous and fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

Boost Your Self-Love


🚨 UG loves to gift new possibilities to her followers and true seekers. This offer is one such gift  



Program Details

  • Admission to the monthly live interactive group class NC Festival Of Clarity by UG worth €450
  • Upon registration, a member-only 10% discount on guided retreats with UG worldwide worth €400   


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