How Udumbara Gesu (UG) is transforming  the landscape of personal growth & spiritual awakening with Navel Consciousness™, the 25000-year-old Healing & Wisdom. 

UG is on a mission to move 3 billion people to live a naturally ecstatic life by 2047 – and it all begins with unlocking one’s own Sacred Inner Clarity that is stolen from us at our birth. 

“Connect with 3 BILLION LIVES right away.” These words rung into UG’s ears constantly for years until they sowed the seed of SAICUG, as UG sought to usher in a totally new spatial reality called the Navel Abundance Triade’,  the most advanced field of consciousness on Earth. 

Since 1998 UG has been one of the top Mentors in the world for personal growth & advanced energy healing.

A TEDx speaker with more than 5.5k genuine followers on social media. Preferred by influential and conscious seekers worldwide. Amongst her students are celebrity authors, business leaders, successful chefs, game changers and content creators from across the world.

Tanya Stewner, international bestselling author and a student of UG since 2006 says “Udumbara Gesu is all about authenticity. She is very clear with her thoughts and her actions. She is walking the talk”. 

UG is celebrated for her unique double edged advantage as she comes from a long lineage of Eastern mysticism. She grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India. Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. Eventually founding Navel Consciousness™, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (Book coming soon). 

She strengthened this heritage with a post graduate diploma in psychotherapy & counselling. Creating a balanced East-West approach in her practice. 

Udumbara Gesu (UG) is an Inner Clarity Maestro known worldwide for her exemplary clarity, fierce honesty and unconditional compassion. 

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"From age 5, I could see two worlds simultaneously. One world was about how people behaved. The other was about what people actually felt. Most of the time, it was contradictory to each other. When someone smiled they were actually battling sadness inside. It took me decades to realise that not everyone can see this dual state of a single person.

 At 14, dying experience gave me my first satori (enlightenment of god state). It plunged me into a state of absolute inner clarity.

I was beyond the confines of my physical body. Expanded eternally in all directions. Natural ecstasy drenched me inside out. My clarity was so penetrating that I deleted my chronic illness like one deletes an unwanted sentence on the computer.

At 18, I was initiated into the world of energy Healing by Sufi Mystic, Mother Rabiya. At 19 already, I became a wisdom teacher when I was asked to teach Self-healing. I was reluctant but I took it up because I wanted people to stop being tortured by their inner conflicts & the outer chaos in the world. I wanted them to claim their inner clarity and live a wise, joyous and abundant life.

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“Inner Clarity is the most powerful instrument to change your life or to change the world. Awareness, becoming conscious, s. All if start with penetrating clarity.  


UG quotes. “So I decided to start a school, specifically teaching inner clarity. You are taught everything from science to porn. But you are never given a powerful education on the fundamental building block of a meaningful life, your own inner clarity. This is why you have a world full of fantastic humans but all hungry for approval and validation from others.”

SAICUG is no ordinary school.Navel Consciousness™, the primal healing wisdom that predates the Mayan, Vedic, Celtic and Egyptian cultures. UG is the only mystic in the world who can initiate you into Navel Consciousness.

Just like her lineage elders, UG strictly believed in the traditional one to one personal engagement with her students until 2014 when her intuition asked her to begin online coaching with her existing students across the world. What started off as a convenient mode to stay in touch with the students soon shaped up into a full-fledged school, super specialising in awakening your absolute inner clarity.

It has a legacy involves the most elusive mystics of India, the Beatles band, 3 times Emmy award-winning director Paul Saltzmann, the ex-husband of legendary director Deepa Mehta apart from other celebrated artists, authors and innovators.

SAICUG has some of the highest rates of success in the world at transforming its students. And UG doesn’t ask you to take her word for it. She has designed the boldest student survey there is. No mercies for UG. No hypocrisy. No tongue in cheek. Plain feedback. Good or bad. All of it is right there for you to absorb. 

All that matters is SAICUG’s ultimate goal; to initiate 3 billion souls globally into living naturally ecstatic life powered by their own inner clarity. No need for validation.No asks for approval. No ego games. Simply With the pure power of your sacred inner clarity from the age group of 18 to 70 in all stages of adulthood.

You will recognise this message from Udumbara Gesu (UG) if you are amongst the 3 billion souls who have come to Earth during these challenging times to become examples of natural ecstatic living.

Right now the rapid rate of change in our world is overwhelming to a lot of people. This is why SAICUG is an experiential immersion designed and taught by UG.

It is consciously sacred so that you can go beyond the modern information overload into the ancient sanctity of inner work. Every class and every lesson is consciously paced so that you enjoy the privilege of the pace that suits you. The school is consciously inclusive. Beyond any boundaries of gender, beliefs, politics, religion or status. Most importantly it's consciously online (except for the retreats and festivals) so that not only can you start right away, you can also save the planet by not travelling unnecessarily.

in 2021, UG stepped up her outreach and is looking forward to having her courses on world class teaching platforms like Mindvalley, Udemy, Kripalu and the likes. She is also eager to invite scientists to investigate the magnetic field of the human navel and its consciousness just as the HeartMath institute did for the heart's intuitive power. On top of all this, she’s even found time to write her book on absolute inner clarity. In 2022, she will initiate work on her international clarity festival.

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Navel Consciousness founder Udumbara Gesu and Navel Awakening Initiation founder Mother Rabiya in Let it go magazine in 2015
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Navel Consciousness the Original Brain founder Udumbara Gesu in Speaking Tree with Navel Awakening Initiation founder Mother Rabiya 2014
Udumbara Gesu founder of Navel Consciousness daughter of Mother Rabiya founder of Navel Awakening Initiation talks about Maa Durga and what it is to be a woman in Life Positive magazine in 2013
Mother Rabiya founder of Navel Awakening Initiation mother of Udumbara Gesu founder of Navel Consciousness talks about the importance of activating the Navel in DNA newspaper 2008
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