How ‘pop’ culture creates brat audience and burns out the creative person

own it unapologetic Sep 21, 2020

Should we end this year strong on social media or not?

Are you onboard the ‘The Social Dilemma’ bandwagon on Netflix, which has startled the wits out of the most unsuspecting social media fans?

However, insights into the deliberate unethical and addictive design of our social media isn’t the only malignant impact it has on us. There is another element that calls our attention.

This documentary couldn’t have come at a better timing.

Here is why. I recently moved from being a healing practitioner to being a company that serves the consciousness needs of women.

Like every business owner, I was advised to hoard numbers on social media, the proverbial success formula. Content, content and more content. Numbers, numbers and more numbers.

But deep within my heart, I have always disagreed with this concept. More so, I have secretly resisted it to the point of subconsciously sabotaging my own viral-ability.


Call me old fashioned or wise, whichever sits well with you, but I know we humans are not built for overwhelming numbers. The whole concept of ‘pop’ culture is unhealthy, bordering toxic. While it eventually pressures the creative juice out of the content creator, the audience too becomes a brat with so much content at our disposal.

To cut all the mambo jumbo short, for me three basic elements, resonance, trust and intimacy give numbers a run for their money.

The thing with humans is that we yearn for trust. Be it a relative or a brand, we are looking for someone on whose authenticity we can rely upon. Someone we can trust, someone we resonate with even though we may not agree with them all the time and someone we have a deep connection with. It’s as simple as this for us.

About a decade ago I moved my office from a physical space to an online presence.

While I made this move, I was careful to carry over the resonance, trust & intimacy, three pillars of my work. My online shop has mental & spiritual health video journeys. You can choose as per your current consciousness need and do it at your own pace. Even though it’s not an intimate start, it’s designed to give you crucial insight into ‘resonance’.

Every program is life-changing at the least but more than that it gives you a clear idea about our resonance factor. Will you walk a journey with me into your own inner clarity or will you just be a passing number on my platform?

Numbers are a powerful phenomenon. There is no doubt about that but whether it is personal or professional relationships, we cannot bypass the timeless value of resonance, trust and intimacy. As businesses and individuals, we need to centre back to these key elements, which give us the freedom to go beyond views, likes and comments.

Most of us are vulnerable people who dare to share our expertise with others. We are not trained, entertainers! 

The fact that we share our expertise on open platforms where hyena mentalities lurk as trolls and judgemental relatives snoop on chances, is enough evidence of our courage. Besides likes and comments are not always a sign of success. There are other mostly silent milestones that often go unrecognised.

I can tell you from my personal experience of being a tranformational speaker. If you have truly hit home, the audience falls silent. Their silence is the greatest compliment you can hope for. 

We need not sacrifice our sanity to gain overwhelming numbers in order to prove that our message matters.

A message does not get validated by large numbers alone, it gets validated by grateful customers who stick around for decades. Some of my students have been with me since 2004. This long term loyalty doesn’t just give me wings to fly but also the courage to walk through bleak times. A few of them have become my loving friends, well-wishers who know me far better than my extended family.

It's time we find freedom from this toxic assumption that large followings are the only ones that matter.

In the current model of reality, some of the crassest, hurtful, damaging, hateful, vulgar and immature messages get more numbers than the conscious ones. Large numbers can neither make wrongs right. Nor can they become validators. At least we shouldn’t let them.

Despite the negative impacts, social media is single-handedly responsible for garnering positive revolutions for our ecology, gender equality and justice for the ignored. It has given us power like never before. It has given a chance to every individual who had suppressed the artist within them. 

2020 has changed everything as we know: the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we greet one another. It has also changed how we use social media. With more truth coming out, more changes are on the way.

Sara is a millennial content creator who found her life purpose through her true voice. But she was deeply entrenched in the noxious number game. She found me online and began her Absolute Clarity Journey with me.

With me, Sara had to rehabilitate from the ‘numbers’ addiction. She didn’t like it at first.

In fact to be honest she truly doubted my sanity about this matter. Soon she began to see what I see.

I know that you cannot fake authenticity. As a customer or audience, I can see through authenticity gimmicks. I am quite sure that you can too. This is why I wanted her to create a niche. Having a true voice, connecting to resonant audience, creating trust and being available.

She wanted to work in a close connection with me. Guided by my intuitive voice, I overlooked the prerequisites required for the invitation-only private Inner Clarity Ultimate Program with me. It's a 9-12 months journey of private sessions where we meet online every month for an an hour. Its unparalleled USP is my undivided attention for the seeker and their evolution. This is how this private journey helped her.

“For a millennial, it is quite simply, a journey like no other. I became free from within. While I went deeper into my Absolute Clarity Journey with UG, my purpose began to surface. It was different than what I had imagined it to be. But nevertheless deeply healing to recognise. I know that we millennials are yearning for a deeper purpose in life. Survival is not our goal. I don’t just want to live. I want to create an impact. Now when I create content, it’s from my heart with a purpose to connect, build trust and heal. The impact has grown multifold, the audience trust ratings are up. My relatives have stopped nagging me. Instead, they want my opinions now. These are only a few long term transformations that I am listing. Everything else has changed. Everything! By helping me find my true life purpose, UG directed me to my own inner clarity and freedom”

This is why I call for caution about social media. I say let’s together help social media change its unethical approaches. But let’s not quit it out of fear and lose this phenomenal opportunity to air our impact. Let’s instead find our freedom with it. Otherwise, it’s yet another jail we have imprisoned ourselves in.


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength

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