How ‘pop’ culture creates brat audience and burns out the creative person

own it unapologetic Sep 21, 2020

Should we end this year strong on social media or not?

Are you onboard the ‘The Social Dilemma’ bandwagon on Netflix, which has startled the wits out of the most unsuspecting social...

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Woman, you are being summoned.

unapologetic Jun 09, 2020

Woman, you are being summoned now. Who has summoned us all?

TIME, time has summoned us all. Woman, your power of innate joy is called upon.

The universe needs you. You, the ordinary mother, the...

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It will begin with total intolerance about violence in any form.

unapologetic Jun 06, 2020

How can you expect transformation when you only treat the symptom while it’s root cause is thriving?

If the root cause is intact, another symptom will show up soon. 

If you are an...

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