My fiancƩ cheated on me. How can I choose a better man next time?

Aug 24, 2020

I recently lost $ 130 on a purchase from a fraud online clothes store. Did I see it coming? Yes, I did. Did I heed the alarm that my intuition was declaring? No, I didn’t. I bypassed it for ‘logic’. A Chinese website posing as a fashionable UK based company was evident to my gut but not to my rationale.

My ‘logic’ was that if the same ad has been appearing for 2 years on Facebook and Instagram, it must be legitimate.

Am I angry with myself after losing $ 130? Not angry but stern. Why? Because my intuition was clear. My mind bypassed this clarity.

What happens when we are afraid of the intuitive messages or guidance we are receiving?

In the Deprivation Triade, the current model of reality, we postpone truth for temporary escape. We think we need to be ready for the truth. It’s a kind of stupidity we are aware of and yet train ourselves further into. We become experts of hiding from our own wisdom. We burry all equipment that transmit our wisdom to us. As a result, we constantly move away from our own power. We begin to rely on ‘others’ for power, love and joy.

The fact is that our superconscious knows all and sees all. It communicates this knowing to us via our Absolute Clarity, which in turn stirs up our gut-heart-mind axis. A message awaits us. It’s that simple. But when you are trained in postponing truth, especially your own, you become an expert in denial thus an expert at powerless choices. This is known as karmic stupidity. 

By ignoring the guidance of your inner clarity, you ignore the truth. By ignoring the truth, you ignore possibilities of growth, abundance and joyous living.

Instead, you choose self-defeating systems of living. You choose to learn through suffering, which is a longer and harder path to take.

Our affinity for suffering, in other words, our denial of truth is evident in how desperately we maintain abusive or draining relationships. 

We try to ‘heal’ others while we are broken and bleeding our own energy. We provide unconditional support to others while we need our own attention. We serve others while we steal from our own reserves.

This is why awakening to your own Absolute Clarity is dangerous for this loop of karmic stupidity.

The problem with awakening to your own Absolute Clarity is that it rattles up all your self defeating choices. 

Thankfully a large section of the world population, especially millennials are fed up of this self-defeating karmic stupidity.

Karan (name changed) wanted to heal his girlfriend who had a serious alcohol addiction. She was sexually abused as a child. This pain had thrust her into often taking escape routes. In order to deaden her pain, she wanted to drink to oblivion. Alcohol fulfilled her self escape through self-abuse.

Karan, on the other hand, wanted to stand by his wounded girlfriend and heal her back to love and joy. He wanted to be the hero whose love would’ve awakened her to a new life. But it never happened. No matter how he approached it, his girlfriend found a way to go back to self-abuse.

This is not an unusual scenario. A lot of young women are trying to escape some bitter truth of their life by using temporary sedatives like alcohol, pretence modernism, shopping and causeless rebellion to no avail. The bitterness returns as soon as the sedative wears off.

Karan was torn and finally burnt out. He resorted to the world of healing where awakening to his own inner clarity deeply resonated with him.

When Karan began his journey with my programmes, all he wanted was solutions for his girlfriend. I did not have them.

I give aids for your own journey first. With me, Karan had to turn inwards. He began his journey with this Inner Clarity Master Program 12 month Navel Consciousness Personal Growth Program by UG


After 6 months, when his journey had deepened by attending various programs. Here is what he said in one of his chats with me (with his permission).

“The way I grew up, I was made to believe that guidance always comes from outside of you. From god. From your parents or religious figures. I was made to believe that this guidance is agenda-less. That it is pure, full of blessings and new possibilities. But all of that is half-truth. No one is without an agenda. We all shake in fear and insecurities that we have inherited. The big shock came when I awoke to my own sedatives. They were addictive not to mention self-defeating. The karmic stupidity that I awoke to was that I wasn’t dating a woman who needed to be healed. I was dating my own reflection of self-defeating patterns. What an awakening! What a journey it has been after that! Where do you get these gems from UG? Now, I want to invite my friends to this awakening and I do hope they can see it for the chance that it is”.

Your greatest protection and self-love lies in your own wisdom. Look into a close relationship where you are uncomfortable but in denial. Ask yourself what guidance have you been receiving about this relationship that you have been ignoring totally. That if you paid heed to it would change your life in ways that you can’t yet imagine.


Will you give yourself this privilege?


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength