I thought I was a progressive woman but then I see a lot of misogyny in me, how come?

own it Aug 03, 2020

Women have gone through a deluge unspeakable oppression, suppression and violence.

Women have been violated, compromised and gaslighted for thousands of years. In fact even today thousands of women are laying down their lives to gain freedom for the rest of us.

But does that mean that women are exempted from facing their own toxicity?

Is our struggle with misogyny, permission to bypass our own honest catharsis and face how we are a part of the toxic culture that our reality is today?

Whether we like it or not, without facing our own toxicity, we are the unknowing perpetrators of everything we fight against. If any of us believes that we are righteous by the virtue of being a woman, then we are more deluded than our patriarchal oppressors.

Thanks to the countless sacrifices of innumerable women, many of us do have the freedom to live our lives with our own wisdom.

We are all types of women right from our modern western sisters who have the freedom to wear the shortest possible clothes and take them off at will to the ones who live under the Sauron Eye of fundamentalist orthodoxy. And every one of us in between.

This is why we are not absolved from a raw catharsis of our own toxicity. Even though surviving the misogynistic machinery every day is a tough battle but we are not separate from its toxicity. We were born in it. It runs in our blood. This is what we think, be and do. It shows in our relationships everywhere including in the one we have with our self worth and body image.

The age of Aquarius has descended upon us. What that means in common terms is that the age of purging has begun.

The age of truth is not an esoteric faff. It’s a component of the cosmic time cycle. And just like we observe the ebb and flow of the Moon on our monthly cycles, we must now look for what this time cycle is teaching us.

It’s not for no reason that countless marriages have broken in the last decade. Innumerable close-knit relationships have suffered irreversible strife. The bigotry of any kind has been exposed. Every ism from racism to ageism is being addressed beyond compromise.

The age of truth is not going to spare anyone. Women are not discharged from it just because we were already burnt on witch hunt pyres.

If you are expecting unchallenged solidarity and biased support from me just because you are a woman, you will be highly disappointed by me.

I know from my personal and professional experience that facing your own toxicity is a deeply empowering freedom that we all deserve.

Pooja deepened her Journey with this Inner Clarity Master Program Freedom From Toxic Femininity. She has described the trepidation of meeting her toxicity and the resulting freedom wonderfully here.

"Due to social pressures, women have to become very manipulative in their life decisions. I too made compromised decisions in my life. I am tremendously fortunate that I was made to recognise this game of toxicity we play and also how to overcome it. I was handheld and shown how to return to the empowered place of innocence and inner clarity. How to become truly free from within. My wish is that every woman should experience this inner freedom and live the peace that comes with it. If I have to describe Udumbara Gesu (Di) in one word it would be a lioness. She tears open the veils of toxicity behind which, is hidden our true power."

If you ask me how I face my own toxicity? My answer is simple I know all healing begins with penetrating clarity. I ask myself do I want to simplify my life? If yes what can help me do it with utmost honesty? And then I stick to that path until peace has overtaken discomfort. 


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength

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