I don't think I need a guru. Tell me why should I stick to just one teacher when there is so much knowledge available for free?

autobiographical Sep 07, 2020

 I grew up in the presence of some of the most elusive god intoxicated mystics of India, who shattered all stereotypical ideas about being graceful, poised and composed spiritualists. 

My parents are mystics who have a parallel domestic life. It isn’t an easy task. They had to learn to handle this dichotomy. They think they did well. We think they could do better. But that’s our parent-children squabble, like all families.

When we were young, they would often escape from the mundanity of the routine life to the sanctuaries of the most elusive mystics of India.

During our visits, I got to observe these Mystics up close who were beyond all stereotypical ideas about saints and mystics.

In fact, I got to see the rough edges, the raw and the real deal about awakened masters. They were not any well-behaved teachers of morality. Instead, they were dead drunk on God. Revered for their spiritual prowess but untameable by society.

They were whimsical to the flatterers. You couldn’t sweet-talk them. You couldn’t butter them up. You couldn’t bribe them or seduce them.

They would flare up into a tantrum to cut through any exploitation.

While on the other hand, they were not just benevolent but also pre-emptive to the genuine seekers. They let a real seeker cry, dance or laugh. They let them stay. They let them pray, heal or just be. They were there for the real seekers.

It was strange to see them intoxicated on god but fully present to the needs of the genuine seekers as if they were bound to be of service to them.

What I witnessed and absorbed from these mystics was sheer timelessness.

I was fortunate to witness the role timelessness plays in spiritual seeking. It’s from them that I imbibed the grace and sanctity of inner seeking, which was further held by my parent's spiritual elegance. The result was that I got anchored in timelessness rather than be seduced by the latest spiritual fashion. 

This is a crucial understanding, especially for the current times. Even though we are collectively walking towards an explosion of consciousness, for the individual seekers, it’s a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, there is ample knowledge and teachings available to everyone. No one is deprived. If you have internet, you have the best masters are at your fingertips. But on the other side, this enormous accessibility is a toxic overload. Too much information paralyses a person. It leads to an invisible shutdown. A ‘keep off’ sign hangs where there should have been an open door.

Hopping teachers, switching modalities, chasing the latest spiritual fads, burns you out. Instead of taking you ever closer to your own Absolute Clarity, it puts a thicker veil over it.

While you assume that eating organic and riding the latest mindfulness wave is enough to enlighten you, you are actually slipping out of your own hands.

The ground beneath you needs to be rooted in timelessness. Patience, taking the time it takes (once you are out of the denial phase), self-care, staying put, sticking to a path, going through the roller coaster ride with your teacher are timeless hacks that can't be bypassed. The universe helps you take a leap but it never lets you skip the steps. 

Have you ever tasted the fruits from genetically modified seeds?

They look perfect but they are placid, tasteless and nowhere close in nutrition to the natural version. They basically deceive you. While you assume that you are getting your nutrition, all you have done is multiplied your toxicity.

Don’t be a genetically modified seeker. After all, an Oak tree doesn’t grow over a weekend, in a spa retreat. It takes real soil, real weather and real challenges to make it a mighty Oak as Rosa Parks says today's mighty Oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground. 

Naomi was in for a disappointment because she wanted quick fixes for her issues. 

She had heard a lot of things from my other students about how I help them fix a major issue sometimes within minutes. I didn't know that it would earn me a student who only wanted a flash fix without finding her own ground.

I don't believe in short cuts, hence I don't offer any.

With me, Naomi had to move towards timelessness. She began her journey with this Inner Clarity Master Program. It gave her a ground to plant her Oak tree seed. Two years later, she still continues her grounding. Here is what Naomi, once a squirrel hopping all over the spiritual world has to say about her journey so far.

UG gives us a clear map with a compass, markers, and direction so clear that you need not run anymore. She has woven timelessness in deep insightful strategies for modern life. While they awaken you with a bolt, they calm you down simultaneously. Sacred teaching, a wise guide to accompany us on our journey of awakening our own inner clarity. This is a path for the eager souls like me who have been restless to discover the balanced, joyous and perceptive versions of ourselves.

There is an Oak tree of a being inside of you. Clear and timeless. Don’t cut short its journey. Let it get rooted in the timelessness of your soul. Let it blossom with your Absolute Inner Clarity.


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength

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