I feel suffocated by all the upheaval across the world

emotional wisdom spiritual clarity Sep 27, 2022
Hidden spiritual messages in our current global political mess - UG

Being a rightist or leftist or other terms have become redundant. These segments have become too polluted unable to deliver to people the peace, comfort and progress that we deserve according to our evolution. 

A natural time for humanity’s ascension has everything brought under scrutiny. Our current political system is no exception.This is why politics is going through a never-before metamorphosis. Soon the old political structures will die out because they were meant for a certain kind of world. A world that was slower, less connected, more locally involved and still functioning on the political power play. 

We as governed people are giving birth to something larger than politics. I sincerely hope we will succeed. 

Each one of us is a powerful entity. Even a plastic straw in our drink today has a global impact.

If you think someone else will save you, your illusion has a global impact.

We all have to do our own saving. One person at a time. One consciousness at a time. One step at a time. Begin with you, politics will follow. 

🚨 This blog is an excerpt from my forthcoming book. 

Udumbara Gesu,

😍 A fan of your soul and its strength.