The secret ingredient to patriarchy's success are not rigid men

Oct 19, 2020

Most men enjoy progress like everyone else. It’s the mothers and aunts, sisters and wives who carry out feminine sabotage relentlessly, sometimes from the comfort of their kitchens.

By and large, the unfortunate truth is that women are more staunch patriarchs than men.

My experience tells me that if men are informed and educated in time they like to change their regressive thinking.

Men enjoy progress like everyone else. 

Most men give up rigid mindset, transform, change and evolve. Every woman who has a family knows that she has a way with her men. Father, brother, spouse or friend (there are exceptions of course). In most cases, men change their orthodox perspective.

What is interesting and unfortunate is that it’s their women who refuse that change. It’s the mothers and aunts, sisters and wives who carry out feminine sabotage relentlessly, sometimes from the comfort of their kitchens.

Many young women think that feminism is about burning up the bra. On the contrary, a good bra truly helps in upholding the breasts. Leaving your mind free to think and influence this world.

Feminism doesn’t begin on the protest ground alone. In fact, it begins at home with a rather unpleasant encounter, facing your own subconscious notions about the feminine at large. You may think being a woman naturally aligns you with women’s rights but my work has taught me that lifetimes of subconscious pain make women their own enemies.

Priya a young woman of 32 was clear that she didn’t like women. Her heart had been broken by women in different roles. I knew exactly what she was talking about. In fact, a lot of women would resonate with Priya.

Women have hurt women bad, real bad. This is a truth we have to both face as well as heal.

Priya has been relentless in her Inner Clarity journey with me. She has attended every program of The New Clear Woman™. In fact, she is amongst the handful of students I personally mentor via the private sessions.

We were in one such private session and the content was nowhere close to addressing patriarchy. In fact, it was about her relationship with money.

By now Priya knows very well that with me we dig deeper than the surface itch. With simple processes, I helped her unearth her own inner clarity about her money situation and guess what came up!

The female patriarch in her rose tall, staunch and opinionated.

She did not believe that women can run a household successfully with their money. Yes, Priya is only 32. Yes, she lives in this reality where women have broken many glass ceilings. Yes, she is my student and does see me running my household successfully.

A dozen other regressive conclusions about women burped up from within Priya. She was surprised and aghast to meet the female patriarch in her. The beauty of awakening to your own inner clarity is that you come to know what’s going in the green room of your subconscious thus you invariably come to know what show is being put up on the stage. You can change the show!

The female patriarch is the unhealthy, unsafe part of our social fabric. She holds on to regression, suppression and sabotage more than patriarchal men do. She is dangerous because she uses this redundant life ideology to hide her own anxieties, jealousy and insecurities. It’s easier to shut down a blossoming young woman than to confront your own demons of ageing and cancellation.


Priya found out truths about her ancestral curses. Truths that confirm what scientists have discovered.

“Parents transfer information to their offspring and they do so even before the offspring are conceived,” said Brian Dias, a postdoctoral fellow in Ressler’s lab, at an engaging talk about this study at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego. A fascinating study reveals that traumatic experiences can actually work themselves into the germline. When a male mouse becomes afraid of a specific smell, this fear is somehow transmitted into his sperm, the study found. His pups will also be afraid of the odour and will pass that fear down to their pups.

Both men and mice pass down traumatic patterns unconsciously for 7 generations.

Priya told me about this study after she had finished completing my Inner Clarity Master Program Ancient Curse- Modern Suffering.

Now, this brings us to an obnoxious question. Are you a female patriarch under the garb of a woman?

If yes, how are you dismantling yourself?

The reason I am asking you this question is becaue along with me the world at large has sensed that the that the future belongs to women. But what i know for sure is that it doesn’t belong to all the women. It belongs to women who are attuned to their inner clarity. It belongs to women who have tuned into integrity, balance and natural joy of living.

This is not me saying it. This is the stage of our current time cycle. The spiritual theme of a time cycle penetrates human plans. The theme of the upcoming times is self-care, honesty, integrity, authenticity and love. It will happen whether any of us are on board or not.

Many women have asked for my assistance in helping them dismantle the toxic female patriarch in them.

Some women were aware of its presence. Many were not. If you are looking for true progress in your life as a woman then I suggest that you do this inner work. There are no short cuts in this journey. Thankfully there are clear maps for it. You can start with this Inner Clarity Master Program: Freedom From Toxic Femininity


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength

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