You don't need intelligence. You need wisdom for a fulfilled life.

beyond the obvious Nov 23, 2020
Wisdom is a collaboration of our  intuitive brilliance.

Ever wonder how some of the poorest, most handicapped and downtrodden individuals break free from their miserable circumstances and build a life we take inspiration from?

And also how astounding it is that some of the most privileged people have sunk their palatial ships into the abyss?

The reason behind this disparity is that we as a society are fanatical about intelligence, the ultimate aphrodisiac of our social parameters.

It’s only when we suffer a loss, loss of health, vitality, will to live, or a beloved, do we understand that our intelligence has burnt us out. It's only after these tragedies that we wake up to the fact that a fulfilled life needs wisdom, not just intelligence. The unexpected failure of our Intelligence ( aka plans & assumptions of what will work) forces us to turn towards our wisdom.

What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom?

Intelligence is having the knowledge that you have a heart, which beats securely in your rib cage. Wisdom is to use it to find your purpose in life. Intelligence is dangerous because it’s unilateral. Wisdom on the other hand is a collaboration of our intuitive brilliance.

Our intuitive brilliance lies on our Gut-Heart-Mind axis, our own holy trinity.

Whatever designed us, designed us in the likeness of God, complete and fulfilled. Why then don’t we feel fulfilled in our everyday life? Why do we feel broken, wounded and fragmented? Why do we spend an eternity in keeping ourselves together?

It’s because we betrayed our champion 3000 years ago, our gut.

In the beginning, we came whole, fulfilled and empowered. Something happened (more about that some other time), which short-circuited our wisdom. The lights went out, literally. Since then we have been in a dark place. Thankfully the tide has turned. A new era of light has begun. 

Your brainpower is intelligence. Your Gut-Heart-Mind aligned together is unbeatable wisdom. Intelligence and even intellect are only accessories of this wisdom. Not its competitors neither its match.

Since 3000 years humanity has been ignoring the gut, the torchbearer of this wisdom. It has been denying the unfathomable power of our gut. Hence deservingly we have remained bewildered and chaotic as a species. Even though we claim to have achieved so much as modern people, take a closer look and you will find us, infants, in comparison to the ancient wisdoms that have prevailed before us.

We pride at our modernity. Unfortunately, we are far from being modern. We are not modern, we are a deprived lot. Deprived of the collective power of our Gut-Heart-Mind alignment.

Deprived of the ease of life that this axis brings. Deprived of the inner clarity it supports. Deprived of the true life purpose it reveals. Deprived of its interwoven magic. 

Richard and Shannon, a gay couple have shared the essence of their Inner Clarity journey in a beautiful but insightful way.  They began with Ancient Curses Modern Suffering, Inner Clarity Master Program. It's available for instant access on the website and went on to deepen their love affair not only with each other but more importantly with their own Gut-Heart-Mind axis.

You peel a person to their bare brilliance. What’s left is an undeniable inner clarity. What you live after that is undeniable authenticity. What you feel is an undeniable love for self and for anyone you consider the ‘other’. Peaceful is an understatement. We love you, our darling Udumbara. We will stay on this journey for a long time to come because we are sort of addicted to inner clarity now :).

S & R

I recommend that you use your intelligence to cross the road but on the crossroads of life, it’s your wisdom that has the real power to guide you. Begin befriending your wisdom by listening to your gut, the first door to your own natural absolute inner clarity.


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength

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