What should I do if I'm unsatisfied in a long romantic relationship?

organic romance Feb 14, 2020

Your dissatisfaction stems from what I called being trapped in industrial romance. It has successfully derailed us from the essence of love.

Just like soda and diamond wedding rings, what we know as romance commonly is a carefully crafted concept. And just like you don’t really need a diamond ring to be happily married. You don’t need industrial romance to be in love.

How do you recognise Industrial romance?

Industrial romance is narcissistic in nature. That means your worth is only as good as the gifts and attention you are receiving. It leaves you feeling less of yourself. As if you are not enough on your own. As if you are not complete by yourself. As if a piece of you is waiting somewhere for you. It always sends you outwards.

Far from being fulfilling, industrial romance is detrimental for your mental health. Your self esteem is forever on a trial. Tormented by your own self criticism and obsessive scrutiny. At every trial you prosecute your own heart. Industrial romance has a clear message. Love is out there. Your job is to find it. And then somehow keep it safe, trapping yourself in it, in the name of an industrial commitment.

You can’t measure organic romance in gifts or time spans. It can only be fathomed by the involvement of your heart.

Organic romance is spontaneous. Take it from my personal experience. When it happens you may be at your fattest best, hairy legs, stinky mouth and a tired-make-up-less face. When it hits you none of that matters. There is a palpable ecstasy that over rides the shabbiest physical appearances.

It’s power lies in its simplicity. It starts with respect and only extends to devotion. While it weakens your knees, it strengthens your spine.

It’s not limited to passion alone. It arouses freedom in your being.

It doesn’t just raise your pulse, it raises your value by leaps and bounds. And most of all it isn’t trapped in a 'forever'. Instead it is eternal. Ever mine. Ever thine. Ever ours.

Now the question is what kind of romance are you leaning towards?


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul and its strength 💞