Healing Happens By Understanding the Root Cause of Behavioural Patterns

Feb 11, 2024

By shining a light on the root cause, you create a open space of healing for yourself. 

In a candid conversation with her student Vishakha, Udumbara Gesu delved into the complex dynamics behind Vishakha's struggle to break free from her self-defeating habit of smoking.

Vishakha had been grappling with the question of why she couldn't seem to change her habit of smoking, despite being aware of its detrimental effects on both her body and mind. Udumbara Gesu, with her profound understanding of human behavior and emotional healing, offered Vishakha a deeper insight into her struggle.

During Festival Of Clarity 'Hot Seat With UG' session, Udumbara Gesu explained to Vishakha that her difficulty in making the change stemmed from the fact that her old behavioral pattern of smoking was still meeting an unmet emotional need within her. She emphasized that when an emotional wound remains unaddressed, it often triggers certain behaviors as coping mechanisms.

Instead of simply trying to suppress the behavior itself, Udumbara Gesu encouraged Vishakha to explore the root cause of her smoking habit—the underlying emotional wounds that were driving her behavior. She stressed that true healing and transformation could only occur when the root emotional cause was acknowledged and addressed.

Udumbara Gesu shared an example of a previous client who struggled with binge eating as a coping mechanism for unresolved childhood trauma. Through therapy and introspection, the client discovered that her binge eating behavior was linked to feelings of abandonment and low self-worth stemming from her past experiences.

By addressing these deep-seated emotional wounds with compassion and understanding, the client was able to gradually break free from her destructive behavioral pattern. As she healed the root emotional cause, her relationship with food transformed, and she found healthier ways to cope with her emotions.

Udumbara Gesu reminded Vishakha that healing is a journey—one that requires patience, self-reflection, and a willingness to confront the underlying emotional wounds. By shining a light on the root cause of her behavior, Vishakha could begin the process of true healing and reclaiming control over her life.


Udumbara Gesu

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