I was robbed & molested by a spiritual teacher - throw some light on that please

emotional wisdom own it Sep 27, 2020
Spiritual awakening is completely different from having Emotional Wisdom. Life without any spiritual awakening is empty. Spiritual awakening without emotional wisdom is useless.

The bitter truth is that too many ‘seekers of truth’ are real-life a**holes. Give them a crisis and all their integrity goes out of the window.

I grew up surrounded by spiritual seekers. It was in the early 90’s, I was a teenager when I began noticing that most of these ‘spiritual’ people were strict about their ‘meditations’. They did their ‘catharsis’ fiercely. They broke through social ‘glass ceilings’. They adopted the new culture of ‘inclusivity’. They talked about unity consciousness. Long story short, they were the epitome of a cutting edge life. But what I was trying to grapple with was why were they behaving like a**holes in their real life?

As soon as there was a bump in their life like a delay or an unexpected result, it only took them a second to regress back to their conditioned reactions and sometimes plain bad behaviour.

Why are seekers even the ones with advanced spiritual abilities horrible people?

It took me a few years to understand the matter. It’s as simple as this. We all know that in order to keep our muscles healthy, we need to exercise them. The more you flex a particular muscle, the stronger it gets.

Spirituality is like a muscle. There are meditations, processes and paths. If you follow them, your esoteric muscle gets strong. You are bound to have spiritual experiences of expanding into this infinite universe. You flex the muscle. You get the result. Will spiritual mastery make you a conscious, joyous and pleasant person? Not automatically.

You see, having a spiritual awakening is completely different from having Emotional Wisdom.

Emotional wisdom encompasses our empowered empathy for our self as well as all others including our environment.

Without this emotional wisening, we grow up in age but not in maturity.

This is why our world looks like a circus run by wild animals. Childish responses, obstinate stands, immature perspective and inflexible philosophies. 

‘Spiritual enlightening’ and ‘Emotional Wisdom’ are two completely different tracks. They don’t meet unless you make an effort for them to unite. They have the capacity to run independently until you die. You need to consciously bring them together into a living harmony.

With your spiritual awakening growing, you could be floating outside of your body within minutes. It doesn’t even matter whether you floated out there because of a mushroom, or a spiritual technique ( in the short run).

But when you come back, not just into your body but also into this world, how you behave with yourself and others demonstrates your emotional wisdom AKA maturity.

This is why not just criminals but even the so-called highly evolved spiritual masters end up with rape accusations.

Your Emotional wisdom is precious because it's about timing, perspective and a holistic impact.

It goes without saying that we need to develop both these tracks and help them unite to have a real life. Life without any spiritual awakening is empty. Spiritual awakening without emotional wisdom is useless.


So before you go all gung ho on awakening your kundalini, mastering your chakras, channelling the other worldly sentient beings and forming cults, ask your self this. Are you prepared to live your awakening alongside an emotional wisdom that supports it? Will your impact on yourself, others and this planet be sanguine?


Tomas could float out of his body very easily. He saw the aura very clearly. He could expand his senses in no time. He was sensitive and calm. He could stare out of the window for hours. Even though he was a totally spiritual person he had a nervous breakdown with depression setting in. His wife signed him up. He wasn’t happy about this.

With me, Tomas had to stop floating around purposelessly into this giant universe. He had to centre back to his impact on himself. At first, he didn’t like it.

In fact, he didn’t like a woman telling him what to do, especially about spirituality.

But then he also liked what he learnt. All my programs are designed for the weirdos who can't help but be spiritual. They are designed to take you out of this dichotomy and give you the harmony of a pragmatic psycho-spiritual wholeness. It gave him peace of mind and harmony between his spiritual and worldly self. Here is what he wrote to me one day.


At first, I didn’t like you. Now I can’t do without you! You have held my hand when I wasn’t letting anyone hold it. Even though I have so much spiritual experience, which I know you have too. I was un-tethered and hopeless. You not only have a craft, you have the compassion, perception and most of all patience to help a person reach their truth. You have given me the gift of uniting my two worlds into a graceful harmony. I am more active, more involved, more caring. Being spiritual is no more a burden. It’s the wind beneath my wings. I love you. You are my sister, my teacher and my confidant. Forever grateful.


Spiritual or worldly success, both begin with emotional wisdom. Invest in learning it. Stay cautious of those who display lack of emotional wisdom, no matter how high they float on the spiritual cloud. 


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength