I do a lot of healing on me but I still get triggered, why?

own it Aug 10, 2020


Currently, human consciousness functions from a model of reality that operates on the basic principles of separation, fear and lack.

It’s known as the Deprivation Triade (triad). This is why manifesting true love, wealth and youth is arduous for humans.

But nature is not stagnant. Thankfully it’s cyclic. What begins ends, and what is coming to an end is only a beginning. We are coming to the end of this pessimistic model of reality.

What’s going to begin is a dramatically different model of reality known as the Navel Abundance Triade (triad).

NAT model of reality functions on the basic principles of self-trust, abundance and inexhaustible growth.

Just like the Weary bird some of us have already perceived this shift of cycle. We have also understood the fact that we are not going to automatically graduate from one cycle to another. We will need up-gradation, adaptation and familiarisation.

What we have now is a body, mind and emotional circuitry that serve the Deprivation Triade. We constantly fight our self-doubt, insecurities and deficiencies.

The change in the model of reality also requires a change in the biochemistry of our body, the rewiring of our brain and the resetting of our emotional circuit to receive and hold health, abundance and peace as an effortless way of life. Our individual up-gradation is the fabric for our cultural change.

 What I absorbed from the elusive India Mystics in whose presence I grew up in, is that just jumping into meditation and self-development work doesn’t give you an automatic promotion.

Although indispensable any personal growth work is incomplete if you haven’t first activated your reconnection with your own Absolute Clarity.

Once the connection has been established, it unfolds gradually allowing you to absorb your self-work with ease.

I didn’t just settle down with this wisdom without an enquiry. I studied human personal development for two decades. What I realised is that people only found temporary relief almost always going back to their self-sabotaging traits. This is why my healing work focuses on initiating a seeker into their own Absolute Clarity. Each course is the essence of 25 years of my self-work and professional expertise. Each course is made to give you an imitation into the layers of your own Absolute clarity.

The journey to awaken your Absolute Clarity is to awaken immovable trust in yourself. A person with self-trust is not a slave to the dominant model of reality. Instead, you are served by it.

Aditi who has been with me since 2012 on the journey to awaken her Absolute Clarity has crafted her understanding skillfully.

She says “ I learnt every cutting edge spiritual work. All of it gave me a lot of relief, healing and inner freedom. But I felt as if a jigsaw puzzle piece was missing. Then I got attracted to Udumbara Gesu’s videos. I liked the idea of awakening my ‘own’ inner clarity. I got initiated and realised why my whole being wanted this. Without this re-connection to your own voice of clarity, you find temporary relief. After your connection is established, every change belongs to you. Each struggle becomes a graduation party to the NAT model of reality”.

Even though I don’t like saying it but we don’t have the time to use sham inner work that only causes delay and further looping in our triggers. Our inner clarity is waiting for us and it’s time to shake hands with our truth.


Udumbara Gesu

A fan of your soul & its strength