Ridiculously low-priced 25000-year-old primordial secrets from UG

UG loves to gift new possibilities to her followers and true seekers. This page is full of her signature inner clarity classes on mad discounts. Grab your class before the offer expires.

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Any class on this page includes:  

  • UG's signature inner clarity-recorded video class (worth €290)
  • BONUS: 1 admission to the monthly live group call by UG for Q&A, fun and deeper connection (worth €450/month)


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These are UG's international hits, addressing niche mental health issues

Helping you journey from your specific confusion to soothing inner clarity. 

Delivered in UG's classic style of fierce honesty, unconditional compassion and penetrating clarity. Not just for your immediate issues but also to heal their ancient root causes.

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Normalcy was invented 3000 years ago to trap you. Now its time to break this self-defeating cycle

Your life is either suffocated by conforming to normalcy or rebelliously running away from it.  In any case, you are not at ease. In this class, UG explores how and why you made a 3000-year-old contract with normalcy. More importantly, learn how you can undo it forever. That is only if you want to have more life in your life.

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Heal your body with the power of your soul's 25000-year-old wisdom.

Learn the 7-step Navel Consciousness Healing template that makes a big difference to your physical & mental health. 

Your Body is not destined to age and die. Empower yourself with your soul-to-body wisdom that is older than recorded history. Find out how you learnt to age 3000 years ago. It's a simple class with profound implications for our mental, physical and social health, especially for the challenging times we live in.

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More of UG's signature classes are coming on sale soon 

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