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Life can be tiring. Relationships can be exhausting. Stress can be expensive. Who do you think pays the price for all this burden? The price is paid by your body and mind. Ever wonder why autoimmune diseases and mental health issues have become so rampant.

The problem is with we adults who replace passion with obligations and joy with the pressures of life. We become suffocated with time, which leads to a broken heart, an ill body and an anguished mind. This is an unnatural life progression found only in social creatures like humans. 

Thankfully you can interrupt this toxic pattern. In fact, UG insists that it is an invitation from the benevolent forces of the universe to get you moving in the right direction. 

With Navel Consciousness™ remote healing, the most advanced energy healing on the planet, you receive healthy energies, which bring the much needed peace, clarity, progress and healing for your body & mind, naturally without compromising your health and quality of life. Heck, you don’t even have to be present for this healing to work. It works remotely and how!

Why bestselling author Tanya Stewner has been on NC remote healing since 2017

This unique energy transmission is powered by Navel Consciousness, the only kind of healing on the planet, done only by Udumbara Gesu. 

4 reasons why you need Navel Consciousness remote healing for you or a loved one you wish to support 

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Why do I suffer from this disease?

Your body is already impacted by stress, pollution and emotional trauma. We block our body’s natural wellness with fear, doubt, worry, etc. Any illness represents these blocks. The body is a self-healing organism; it has the ability to heal itself without drugs and surgery unless it's an emergency like a broken bone or a ruptured blood vessel. 

You don't have to be ill to receive NC's nourishing life force for your body.

However, if you are suffering from any disease, Navel Consciousness™ remote healing strengthens your immune system and empowers your body by providing enough positive energy so that your body can claim its right to heal, naturally.

*Please note we do not suggest that you stop any of your allopathic or traditional treatments. NC remote healing works along with them. In case of an advanced disease like last stage cancer, the body may not be able to heal physically. However, NC healing can ensure a smooth passage for the soul. 

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Why don't I have peace of mind?

Your mind is already bombarded with too much information, pressure to achieve social milestones, stress from work and the burden of personal expectations. 

You don't have to have mental health issues to receive the NC's nourishing life force for your mind.

However,  if you are struggling with mental health issues Navel Consciousness™ remote healing strengthens your mind. Brings clarity, balance and stability, something you need in order to make positive decisions in life. The mind’s ability to heal itself & the body is now being taken seriously by scientists who question alternative medicine.

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Why does my heart break so many times?

Your heart is already burdened by memories of heartbreak, emotional trauma or simply the overwhelm of dysfunctional relationships either in the family or at work.

You don't have to be heartbroken to receive NC's nourishing life force for your heart.

However, if you are nursing any kind of trauma, this powerful energy strengthens your heart field. It helps restore your original openness and flow of life. It opens your energy towards true self-love thus becoming a magnet for true love in your life. It can also strengthen your existing relationships upgrading them to another level of joy.

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I'm successful - why am I not happy then? 

Your soul has been starved due to duties, obligations & expectations. These have replaced your soul's joyous passions.

You don't have to be miserable to begin receiving NC's nourishing life force for your soul.

However, if you do feel an emptiness within you Navel Consciousness™ remote healing helps you understand the true nature of your Soul. It strengthens your connection with your soul's passion, creativity, intuition and divinity. It can help you gain access to the power of your Soul to create a life worth living.

Why animation legend Jesh Krishna Murthy has been on NC remote healing since 2019

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"I have subscribed to the Navel Consciousness remote healing program since June 2019. They are very helpful. I got a lot of clarity. I also experienced comfort which led to a much better quality of daily living. I have recommended it to friends since and would recommend them to anyone wishing to consolidate their center. To gain energy to be able to navigate through various moments of our life".


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It is scientifically proven that positive energy transmission has an undeniable impact on the receiver.

Think of the ‘Navel Consciousness' Remote Healing program as a life insurance plan. Instead of money, you are saving 'you'.  You are systematically investing in a healthier, clearer and more abundant version of yourself. Supporting the 4 crucial pillars of your life; soul, heart, mind & body. Not just for this life but beyond it too. This is called energy banking. 

This unique energy transmission is powered by Navel Consciousness, the only kind of healing on the planet, done only by Udumbara Gesu. 

Here's how it works 


  • After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation. You will be given an appointment with a SAICUG mentor.
  • You will receive a 30-minute counselling & orientation session with a SAICUG mentor. It will give you a clear idea of what will happen, how & when.
  • You will receive focused NC healing for 7 days every month. 
  • It's a minimum of 6 months program. Please do not sign up for less than that. 
  • Your card is charged every month automatically until we or you cancel it. 
  • It is a remote healing program so you don’t have to be physically present for it. 


We respect privacy
Names & images of the clients are kept private as per their wish
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NB, India

Thanks to you, my distraught and heartbroken divorced daughter found love within a month of starting NC remote healing. It’s been a year now. They are happy together, having fun, always busy in some project together. You are wrong about calling it healing. You should call it destiny changer dear UG.

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I signed up for Navel Consciousness remote healing for my depression, low self-esteem and a feeling of emptiness within. After 6 months I found myself more grounded, feeling more secure than I have ever felt in my life. I could focus on my work. I recently published my book, which was pending for years. I am so grateful that I signed up for this healing that works like magic.

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RK, Australia

I signed up for my toddler who is showing signs of distress and anger. Thanks to your counselling and the healing, she is calming down. I am able to understand her better. She is special and we are together able to give her the space, love and energy she needs to sail through. I feel safe as a mother with an extraordinary energy like Navel Consciousness backing up my child. Thank you doesn't even begin to describe the relief I feel personally and with my child. Gratitude UG.  

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FM, India

My cousin is a psychiatrist in London. He suggested that we try a certain medicine to treat my husband who was gripped by depression. The medicine didn’t do much. Guided by my intuition, I signed up for NC remote healing and the homoeopath UG recommended. Together it was a miracle. My husband calmed down, and his panic attacks dissipated. What looked like the onset of Parkinson’s, vanished. I was introduced to Udumbara Gesu by a very dear friend of mine, when she saw my husband needed healing for the depression he was going through.

It was like a breath of fresh air to know Navel Consciousness remote healing by UG where the person opens up to receive this unique energy to heal. I started with 6 months & seeing the positive progress I carried on for another 3 months. My husband is much much better now than what he was 6 months back. I take this opportunity to thank Udumbara Gesu & her team for reaching out with their love & energy when one needs it the most. Without a second thought, I would definitely say if one has a problem do contact UG & see the wonderful miraculous outcome.

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DV, Canada

We could not save my son from dying of cancer. But the way help poured in for him is remarkable. From local politicians to Buddhist groups, from his friends to relatives reaching in time to meet him, everything happened as if a bigger power was giving him a joyous farewell. He passed on peacefully. Forever grateful for the year long NC healing that made his otherwise painful journey more tolerable.

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LE, France

I wanted my business to find its value. I signed up because I wanted to open myself up for more clarity and abundance. A year later, I am on my way to phenomenal growth in my business and magical clarity about what I need to get done. I love being on this program, especially because it gives me the feeling that the universe has my back. I love being given support and kind healing every month.

$ 89 per month

₹6500 per month

*minimum 6 month sign up

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