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In today’s fast-changing world, everyone is looking for a force that can help them become clear, grounded and abundant. This is exactly where vibrational medicine or remote healing becomes the wind beneath your wings.






Intelligent self-care, the future  currency  

The Corona pandemic taught our world the most important lesson; life, health and clarity are our real assets.

Think of ‘Navel Consciousness' Remote Healing’ program like a life insurance plan. Instead of money, you are saving 'you'.  You are systematically investing in a healthier, clearer and more abundant version of you. Not just for this life but beyond it too. This is called energy banking.  






Receive exclusive healing attention 

From UG's team of senior most healers, exclusively trained & stringently monitored by her.  

It’s an evident scientific fact today that meditation, positive energy transmission and prayers have an indelible impact on the receiver’s personal growth.

Our wise ancients were masters of this remote healing art. This is how they helped willing seekers to receive  positive, life-affirming and life-changing energy without touch. 

Navel Consciousness remote healing is a primordial sacred practice of sending your way the pack of powerful vibrations of clarity, abundance & joy.

No matter where you are in life, you need the power of these vibrations to steer you towards a meaningful life and joyous living. 

You won't find this healing anywhere else on the planet. 






Here's everything you will receive 

Allow the power of sacred inner clarity to infuse in you. To guide you and support you. Receive the powerful vibrational pack directly for your the holistic growth of your 4 pillars every month; your soul, heart, mind & the body.

  • NC nourishing life force for your body to begin healing from disease or to simply strengthen it if you are not ill. 
  • NC nourishing life force for your clarity of mind. Most life decisions require you to be balanced and stable. Strengthen your mental health with this powerful transmission supporting it every month. 
  • NC nourishing life force for your heart. This powerful energy strengthens your heart field giving you the power to break free from abusive, dysfunctional relationships. If you are healthy relationships use this powerful energy to strengthen them 
  • NC nourishing life force for your soul. Get positive life force to remember your soul’s purpose. If you already know your life purpose then it helps you actualise it to greater heights with ease. 

Here's how it works 


  • NC focussed healing for 7 days every month. 
  • It's a minimum of 6 months program. Please do not sign up for less than that. 
  • Your card is charged every month automatically until we or you cancel it. 
  • It is a remote healing program so you don’t have to be physically present for it. 
I recommend her from the bottom of my heart 

Participant Feedback:

I have recommended it to friends since and would recommend them to anyone wishing to consolidate their center says Jesh Krishna Murthy founder and CEO, Anibrain

Jesh Krishna Murthy

Founder & CEO - Anibrain, India.

VFX & Animation legend. 


I have subscribed to the remote healing program since June 2019. They are very helpful. I got a lot of clarity. I also experienced comfort which led to a much better quality of daily living. I have recommended it to friends since and would recommend them to anyone wishing to consolidate their center. To gain energy to be able to navigate through our moments of life.

$ 89 every month

*minimum 6 month sign up

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"Adults become suffocated with time. Suffocation leads to a broken heart, an ill body and an anguished mind. 

This is an unnatural life progression found only in social creatures like humans.

Thankfully you can interruppt this toxic pattern. Ancients have left us with enough healing wisdom to breakaway these prisons. 

With a litlle assistance from the energetic technology, anyone can progress by leaps and bounds.

This universe always gives us a chance to trade our lack for its abundance. The question is will you take your chance? Will you recognise it in time? -UG