Has life jolted you lately? 

👉🏽 Like a heartbreak 👉🏽 a lost job 👉🏽 discovering you (or a loved one) has a serious disease 👉🏽 being abandoned 👉🏽 getting betrayed 👉🏽 drained by your dysfunctional family 👉🏽 feeling invisible or lonely 👉🏽 feeling an emptiness despite having it all? The list can go on. 

Here is a truth bomb

All your struggles are a 4000-year-old download. 

All of it started 3000 years ago when the practice to cut your umbilical cord was fully established. It's then that you (your ancestors) were subjected to a life-altering damage at birth. You were robbed off your actual power and possibilities like true health, true peace and true love.

You were launched into a sophisticated mental concentration camp, known as the Deprivation Triade. In DT, you hang up your true talents, inner freedom and joy of living for earning money and taking your bloodline forward.

In DT life is tough, the hardest job there is. You are riddled with self-doubt, worry, low elf esteem, expectations, pressures, stress and lack of time. Not to mention the internal conflicts, insecurities and emotional overwhelm, you silently battle within you. Was life meant to be this hard? Not at all. 

Guess who pays the price for all this multilayered damage? Yes, your mind and body pay this hefty price. Ever wonder why autoimmune diseases and mental health issues are so rampant?

Find out which type of Body-Mind damage you inherited 3000 years ago👇🏽

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Like Neha do you struggle with constant heartbreaks?

She always ends up being the hurt one even though, she tries fresh approaches all the time.

Your heart is already burdened by memories of heartbreak, emotional trauma or simply the overwhelm of dysfunctional relationships either in the family or at work. 

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Like Ray do you struggle with no peace of mind?

He tries very hard but keeps getting buried under the pressures of life, feeling constantly drained. 

Your mind is already bombarded with self-doubt, too much information, pressure to achieve social milestones, stress, and the burdens of expectations. 

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Like Magda do you struggle with sudden grave illness?

She doesn't understand why she was hit by a disease that is holding her life hostage. 

Your body is already impacted by stress, pollution, emotional trauma, fear, doubt, and worry. All of which, block your body’s natural wellness 

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Like Nick do you struggle with an unfulfilled life?

He realises that achieving social milestones made him very successful but he is never truly happy.

Your soul has been starved due to duties, obligations & expectations. These have replaced your soul's joyous passions.

Let's undo this toxic inheritance with the 25000-year-old healing wisdom

 Navel Consciousness Remote Energy Healing   

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What if we told you that you can go on with your life while receiving the most advanced distance healing on the planet. 

Allow Udumbara Gesu (UG) to introduce you to a wisdom that is far older than the most ancient cultures of the world like the Mayan, Chinese, Vedic, Celtic and Egyptian.

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (Book coming soon)

NC is the most advanced consciousness on Earth. You will find out how and why when you sign up for the remote healing by UG. Here you’ll be the receiver of NC's timeless healing wisdom practised only by UG on the planet. 

Navel Consciousness Remote energy healing sessions do not interfere with your religion, beliefs, practices or even faith. You don't need to trust it for it to work.

It is the safest way to experience immediate support, growth and transformation in your life without having to participate in the process.

UG is one of the world’s top Energy Healers

and a coveted voice on advanced mind-body medicine

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She is known worldwide for her exemplary clarity, fierce honesty and unconditional compassion. 

Since 1998, UG has been the rare bold voice that influential, honest and conscious seekers crave. 

🎤 A TEDx speaker, UG is adored & followed by the children and millennials alike, respected by Gen X and admired by the elders.

Udumbara Gesu grew up in the presence of God-intoxicated Masters & elusive mystics of India.Fuelling an out-of-this-world understanding of consciousness from an early age. This is how she became the founder of Navel Consciousness, the 25000-year-old, forgotten, Primordial Mother’s Healing & Wisdom. (Book coming soon). 

She super specialises in human inner clarity. Guided by her timeless perception, she founded the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, an international online campus, where she teaches the fundamentals of Navel Consciousness™ to willing seekers. 

She is a wisdom teacher to real seekers from across the world. A conscious mother, an old recipes foodie, a heritage handloom textiles fan and a back-to-the-basics environmentalist. Celebrated and endorsed by leaders in every field. 

UG is an Inner Clarity Maestro, a Mystic woman, but most of all someone who admires you for who you truly are. 

Transform your destiny with soul-heart-mind-body holistic healing 

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Connect with the 'flow' of life

Navel Consciousness remote healing strengthens your heart field by opening your energy toward your original openness and flow of life. Regular sessions open your energy towards true self-love thus becoming a magnet for true love in your life. It can also strengthen your existing relationships upgrading them to another level of joy.

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Connect with the gift of calmness

Navel Consciousness™ remote healing strengthens your mind by opening your energy toward your original inner stability. Regular sessions promote clarity, balance and peace, something you need in order to make positive decisions in life.

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Connect with your right to heal, naturally

 Navel Consciousness™ remote healing helps strengthen your immune system by opening your energy toward your body's original self-healing mechanism. Regular sessions empower your body to claim its right to heal, naturally.

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Connect with the power of your Soul 

Navel Consciousness™ remote healing helps you get in tune with the true nature of your Soul by opening your energy toward your original connection with your soul's passion, creativity, intuition and divinity. Regular sessions can help you gain access to the power of your Soul to create a life worth living.  



The results speak for themselves

Students join UG for 6 months but stay for decades. Her oldest students have been with her since 2004. Testimonials from celebrities to working professionals, students and homemakers show how UG’s Navel Consciousness Remote Healing has been transforming lives worldwide! 

Why bestselling author Tanya Stewner has been on NC remote healing since 2017


What actual participants are saying

We respect privacy. Names & images of the clients are kept private as per their wish

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NB, India

Thanks to you, my distraught and heartbroken divorced daughter found love within a month of starting NC remote healing. It’s been a year now. They are happy together, having fun, always busy in some project together. You are wrong about calling it healing. You should call it destiny changer dear UG.

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I signed up for Navel Consciousness remote healing for my depression, low self-esteem and a feeling of emptiness within. After 6 months I found myself more grounded, feeling more secure than I have ever felt in my life. I could focus on my work. I recently published my book, which was pending for years. I am so grateful that I signed up for this healing that works like magic.

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RK, Australia

I signed up for my toddler who is showing signs of distress and anger. Thanks to your counselling and the healing, she is calming down. I am able to understand her better. She is special and we are together able to give her the space, love and energy she needs to sail through. I feel safe as a mother with an extraordinary energy like Navel Consciousness backing up my child. Thank you doesn't even begin to describe the relief I feel personally and with my child. Gratitude UG.  

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FM, India

My cousin is a psychiatrist in London. He suggested that we try a certain medicine to treat my husband who was gripped by depression. The medicine didn’t do much. Guided by my intuition, I signed up for NC remote healing and the homoeopath UG recommended. Together it was a miracle. My husband calmed down, and his panic attacks dissipated. What looked like the onset of Parkinson’s, vanished. I was introduced to Udumbara Gesu by a very dear friend of mine, when she saw my husband needed healing for the depression he was going through.

It was like a breath of fresh air to know Navel Consciousness remote healing by UG where the person opens up to receive this unique energy to heal. I started with 6 months & seeing the positive progress I carried on for another 3 months. My husband is much much better now than what he was 6 months back. I take this opportunity to thank Udumbara Gesu & her team for reaching out with their love & energy when one needs it the most. Without a second thought, I would definitely say if one has a problem do contact UG & see the wonderful miraculous outcome.

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DV, Canada

We could not save my son from dying of cancer. But the way help poured in for him is remarkable. From local politicians to Buddhist groups, from his friends to relatives reaching in time to meet him, everything happened as if a bigger power was giving him a joyous farewell. He passed on peacefully. Forever grateful for the year long NC healing that made his otherwise painful journey more tolerable.

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LE, France

I wanted my business to find its value. I signed up because I wanted to open myself up for more clarity and abundance. A year later, I am on my way to phenomenal growth in my business and magical clarity about what I need to get done. I love being on this program, especially because it gives me the feeling that the universe has my back. I love being given support and kind healing every month.

Why animation legend Jesh Krishna Murthy has been on NC remote healing since 2019

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"I have subscribed to the Navel Consciousness remote healing program since June 2019. It is very helpful. I got a lot of clarity. I also experienced comfort which led to a much better quality of daily living. I have recommended it to friends since and would recommend them to anyone wishing to consolidate their center. To gain energy to be able to navigate through various moments of our life".


Now you can experience the same powerful results 

for yourself or a loved one you wish to support.

Let's get started!👇🏽

Program Details

This program is for 6 months. It's an ongoing monthly subscription, which includes:

  • You will begin receiving focused NC healing for 7 days every month. (worth €250/month)
  • Upon sign up, a one-time 30-minute counselling & orientation session (optional) with a SAICUG mentor to get you started (worth €75).  
  • Upon sign up, one of UG's signature Inner Clarity classes (worth €290) 
  • 1 monthly live group call by UG for Q&A, fun and deeper connection (optional for those wishing to maintain privacy) ( worth €450 / month)
  • If you continue the program then upon completion of 11 months in the program, you get a once-in-a-life-time-gift of a personalised chart of your specific challenges & strengths in this life, personally made by UG (worth €2500)
  • Upon sign up, a member-only 10% discount on guided retreats with UG worldwide (worth €400) 
Total Value €4965 (+€2500 if you continue)

UG loves to gift new possibilities to her followers and true seekers. This offer is one such gift. 

For This Month Only


Original price: € 827/month 


(you save 748) 


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Here's how it works 

  • Upon sign up, you will receive a confirmation via email with your log in details. 

  • You will then be directed to an extensive form so that we understand you and your needs deeply.
  • If you are gifting this session set to someone, you can fill out the form on their behalf. 
  • Next, you will be given an appointment with a SAICUG mentor to receive a 30-minute counselling & orientation session. It will give you a clear idea of what will happen, how & when. This is optional in case you wish to maintain your privacy or if you are gifting it to someone.

  • You will receive focused NC healing for 7 days every month for up to 6 months. 

  • It's a minimum of 6 months program. You won't be able to sign up for less than that. 

  • Your card is charged every month automatically until we or you cancel it. 

  • It is a remote healing program so you don’t have to be physically present for it. 

  • You are welcome to attend the monthly live call with UG, send in your questions or simply soak in her presence, listen, unlearn and heal.
  • 🚨 Please note: if you or the receiver of this session set is physically or mentally unwell,  we do NOT suggest that you stop any of your allopathic or traditional treatments. NC remote healing works alongside any of your current treatments. You must continue all your current treatments and remain in touch with your medical care providers.

  • Please note: in case of an advanced disease like last stage cancer, the body may not be able to heal physically. However, NC healing can ensure a smooth passage for the soul.