Navel Consciousness primal healing wisdom

In 2000, I received the Navel Awakening Initiation™ from Mother Rabiya

One of the fateful events in my spiritual enlightenment was to receive the Navel Awakening Initiation™ from Mother Rabiya, a renowned Sufi mystic in India and also my biological mother. She is the founder of this profound initiation. 

She is the only person on this planet who does this initiation.  

The initiation flooded my being with the memory of who I am eternally and for what exact purpose have I come to this lifetime. Soon this wisdom began to awaken in me. Not just as a knowing in my spiritual gut but also as information in my brain. It kept pouring in until I had received Navel Consciousness™.

Navel Consciousness is the primal healing wisdom that awakens your whole intuitive circuit Navel-Heart-Mind. 

Teaching and initiation of this unique wisdom is done through The New Clear Woman™ School of Absolute Inner Clarity.  

Navel Awakening Initiation from Mother Rabiya

Your Navel is the root of your Consciousness

It all begins and ends at our navel: the original powerhouse of our consciousness says Mother Rabiya, founder of Navel Awakening Initiation".

When connected to your Navel Consciousness, you don’t need any babysitters and agents for your consciousness. 

But at our birth, when our umbilical cord is cut, we are deviously robbed off.

This is why you always have this nagging feeling that you are not grounded, safe or secure. 

Awakening to your Navel is to shift your vibration from effort to ease, scarcity to abundance, and illness to health.

Navel Awakening is your path to Ecstasy - Abundance - Health™. 

TEDx Udumbara Gesu Suffering is Redundant

Most of your fear, failure & loneliness is a result of your Navel wound. 

Fear, failure, lack and loneliness is a result of stuck energies inside your navel after birth.  

Head - Heart - Navel alignment

When connected to your Navel, your Head - Heart - Navel comes in Alignment.

You experience sustained self-esteem, success, empowerment in your relationships and professional life.  

This is what happened to me after I received the Navel Awakening Initiation from Maa Rabiya.

Our Navel is our cosmic anchor. When we are aligned from here, we operate from our “original self”, an effortless combination of a sharp mind, higher love in our heart and an awakened intuition. 

Navel Consciousness Head Heart Navel alignment

Science is waking up to this primal force of nature within us. 

In my TEDx talk, I have spoken about the reference to human Navel by ancient Vedic, Egyptian & Mayan wisdoms.  

The Navel wisdom was purposely withdrawn 3000 years ago. It is now resurfacing as humanity is getting ready to enter the age of truth.

For 3000 years, we have Vedic wisdom pointing towards our Navel as the primary source of our inner and outer power, inner and outer awakening!

📌 72,000 Nadi (Energy vessels) emerge from the Navel.

📌 secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone & dopamine, the joy hormone.

📌 Important stem cells are available in the cord.


7-day Navel Consciousness™ Initiation retreat.

The 7 phase Activation. 

A 30 minute daily guided activation process.

🚨 This 30 minute guided activation process takes 2 to 3 years to learn. 

I handpick the seekers who are initiated into this activation. While this is a process for real seekers, I have made fundamental spiritual knowledge on human navel available for free on my social media. 

This is to ensure that healers, therapists, counsellors, expecting parents and seekers of metaphysical reality have access to this fundamental knowledge.

You will find that healers, therapists and coaches across the world have already included this knowledge in their repertoire to help your navel activation.

With the help you activating your navel wisdom, they are helping you overcome fear, pain, stress or insecurity. 

🚨 Be Cautioned of the imposters! 

I have no control over plagiarists,  imposters, fake masters pretending to be navel experts. If you come in contact with one, if you have a negative experience, we have a strong network that can help you nail them down. Report it. 

 - Udumbara Gesu

7 day Navel Consciousness initiation retreat

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