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Only losers can win in this game 

I must have been 12 when I read this title on a book. 

I fell in love with it. I never read the book. Didn’t have to. It felt like I understood its message clearly. To win in life you have to be an efficient loser. You must know what you need to lose.

This is why I created a whole School around losing. In fact, I have 5 levels of losing to teach you.

Here is what you will lose as a student at the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by Udumbara Gesu. 

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How can I lose all this baggage? 

#SAICUG Clarity Wheel shows you the fundamental 9-dimensional clarity that an infinite being has when incarnating into a body. 

This is a bare minimum in order to live life wisely and joyously.

Remember how it gets stolen from you at your birth.  

At #SAICUG, with UG, you will finally begin your descent from the overwhelm of your head & emotions into the living intelligence of your Absolute Inner Clarity.    

During your journey with UG, she will take you through the 9 stages of fundamental Sacred Inner Clarity, one step at a time.  

Awakening your sexual clarity may bring transformation in your money problems. Whereas awakening your karmic clarity may transform your emotional disasters inside out.

"All of your issues resolve themselves one after the other when you hit the bull's eye. Stop wasting your time on fixing individual problems. Reach deeper to the crux of it all and rise from there like a Phoenix. Churning your challenges into your true power". UG

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#SAICUG has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming our learners







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Don't take our word for it.

See for yourself







Read the boldest survey there is. No mercies for me. No hypocrisy. No tongue in cheek. Plain feedback. Good or bad. All of it is right here for you to absorb.

Does UG walk her talk?
Is it a cult?
Does the School deliver? 
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€290/ month

Phase 1 is 3 months

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"I've known Udumbara Gesu since 2003. 

I am not just a student who has done various workshops with her. In fact, I lived with her in India for 5 years. So I have seen her up close in her greatest difficulties and also her greatest successes. I have witnessed her clarity in life. 

I have watched her help all types of seekers find their own inner clarity. And that's why I can say that she has the heart of a realised woman.

She helps you to tap into the most upgraded version of yourself."  






Your access to sacred clarity is for less than €10 / Day  

Remember the age of stupidity UG speaks about in 'This is your story?

Here is a truth bomb. Our current paradigm is no less than a concentration camp. It has people believe that personal growth for € 290 is crazy talk. But a pair of branded sunglasses for € 350 is an aspirational goal for social status.

Everything is about priority. What you prioritise will reflect in your life. 

You can be a sorted person in locally made sustainable stuff or a crazymaker with a really expensive bag hanging on you.

Always choose your growth. Always invest in strengthening your true self. 

 Do you feel the same issues as Richard, Sara & Neil? 


Social stigma

Richard & Shanon

“You peel a person to their bare brilliance. What’s left is an undeniable inner clarity. What you live after that is undeniable authenticity. What you feel is an undeniable love for self and for anyone you consider the ‘other’. Peaceful is an understatement. We love you, our darling Udumbara. We will stay on this journey for a long time to come because we are sort of addicted to inner clarity now :).”




“For a millennial, it is quite simply, a journey like no other. I know that we millennials are yearning for a deeper purpose in life. Survival is not our goal. I don’t just want to live. I want to create an impact. My actual purpose began to surface While UG personally guided me deeper into my Absolute Inner Clarity Journey. It was very different from what I had imagined it to be. But nevertheless deeply healing to recognise.

Now when I create content, it’s from my heart with a purpose to connect, build trust and heal. The impact has grown multifold, the audience trust ratings are up. My relatives have stopped nagging me. Instead, they want my opinions now. These are only a few long term transformations that I am listing. Everything else has changed. Everything! By helping me find my true life purpose, UG directed me to a never before freedom”

Relationship Trauma


“The way I grew up, I was made to believe that guidance always comes from outside of you. From god. From your parents or religious figures. I was made to believe that this guidance is agenda-less. That it is pure, full of blessings and new possibilities. But all of that is half-truth. No one is without an agenda. We all shake in fear and insecurities that we have inherited. The big shock came when I awoke to my own sedatives. They were addictive not to mention self-defeating. The karmic stupidity that I awoke to was that I wasn’t dating a woman who needed to be healed. I was dating my own reflection of self-defeating patterns. What an awakening! What a journey it has been after that! Where do you get these gems from my beautiful Wisdom Teacher? Now, I want to invite my friends to this awakening and I do hope they can see it for the chance that it is”.

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If you are a real seeker, willing to unlearn honestly. Willing to become the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. Then I am your Wisdom Teacher and I personally welcome you to SAICUG, a togetherness that gives you space to be you and yet has your back. 

Udumbara Gesu


Monthly Membership

€290/ month

Phase 1 is 3 months

Yes! I am joining now

 Have You Heard of J.O.J?






In the transition from the Primordial Mother's path to the Deprivation Triade, we were made to sacrifice our JOJ, joy of the journey.

DT gave us an urgency to reach goals. It made destinations more important than the journey. As a result, it created a toxic humanity despite the wealth of knowledge that is available to us. 

At the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, you are re-initiated into the joy of the journey. 

Here becoming absolutely clear in life is a strategic, deliberate and conscious journey.

This means you are not hurried over a weekend seminar. Nor are you forced to unlearn the chaos of your life over a few days of retreat. 

You have the choice of learning deeply so that you don't just understand but also get the time to apply the wisdom to your life.

Since 1998, Udumbara Gesu has been helping seekers from across the world meet their infinite nature and uncover their inherent Ecstasy, Self-Trust, Courage and Absolute Clarity. 

At #SAICUG you have the rare privilege of pace.