Magnificence of the Primordial Mother

Grace. Power. Joy

Green apples in the presence of a red apple begin to ripen. Both nature and spirituality know that when you are in the embrace of the clear one, you begin to become clear yourself. You begin to ripen your own clarity.

At 14 UG almost died, went to heaven and came back to tell the tale of a timeless calm and a state of nuclear clarity, she cannot fully define, even today.

"I was beyond the confines of my physical body. Expanded eternally in all directions. I experienced an ecstasy in my being that felt like home. My clarity was so penetrating that I dismantled my disease like a pack of cards". - UG  

When you are in the presence of Udumbara Gesu, you are in the presence of the Primordial  Mother's grace. It's not just a unique experience but an initiation into your own sacred clarity.

Every live episode is a powerful transmission of Primordial Mothers power and grace. 


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Juliet Haines

Your transmission touched me to my bones. Thank you deeply from my heart.  

 Founder, Depths of Feminine Wisdom School 

Navel Consciousness   

In times like ours, millions of people in this world are tortured by their own inner chaos. The “voice in the head”, the self-doubt, the insecurities create a struggle that is avoidable. But many aren’t aware of what’s happening or how to correct it. 

UG is the founder of Navel Consciousness™. NC is the primal healing wisdom that predates the Mayan, Vedic Celtic and Egyptian cultures.

A direct portal into the forgotten Primordial Mother who governs your Whole Intuitive Circuit, the seat of your sacred Inner Clarity. 

Udumbara Gesu is the only mystic on the planet who initiates you into NC. She founded the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG. An international online campus, where she teaches the fundamentals of Navel Consciousness™ to the willing seekers.

Brave Hearts is a unique online community where Udumbara Gesu will personally guide you every month, on the path to Awakening your Sacred Inner Clarity. Here she shares powerful practices that you can incorporate into everyday life.

Awakening your Sacred Inner Clarity can manifest for you in many different ways: inner peace, joy of living every day in your life, gratitude for what you have, strength to be your most authentic self, peace in your dysfunctional relationships,  flow of love, an explosion of creativity, forms of abundance or simply a heightened sense of aliveness. 

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The path of Audacity

 What is common between Zen masters, elusive Eastern Mystics or the indigenous Shamans? 

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Jesh Krishnamurti

Much gratitude and love Gesu. I have love and respect for you. Your words, which I love resonate very deeply, leaving me amazed at your clarity. 

 VFX Veteran, Founder Anibrain

Transformational Speaker & Writer 

UG, a TEDx speaker, practices the ancient system of 'sacred transmission'. Every speaking & writing engagement is an awakening call, an education in Sacred Inner Clarity. 

This is why her connection with the audience is admired worldwide.

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Anshita Koul

Watching @Udumbara Gesu speak is almost like meditating. Even though she speaks with absolute clarity, which is her jam, she also has one of the best laughs in the world. She attended my Zoom show and laughed the loudest. Loved it. 


Welcome to the Brave Hearts Tribe

Why do you need a place to un-learn, awaken and evolve with a community of like-minded people?

Biologically, you are not wired to flourish on your own or in systems that marginalise you. 

Research shows that supportive communities not only improve your psychological well-being, they also prevent your physical or mental diseases formation.

A strong web of a supportive community, even if it's online builds your resilience and ups your joy of life.

This is why UG's Brave Hearts provides you with an intentional place to awaken and practice Sacred Clarity in a community committed to this practice.     

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Yukta Mookhey

So proud of your work and in deep admiration for the simplicity in the depth or the depth in the simplicity of your work.    

 Miss World 1999

The joy of the Journey

In the transition from the Primordial Mother's path to the Deprivation Traide, we were made to sacrifice our JOJ, joy of the journey.

DT gave us an urgency to reach goals. It made destinations more important than the journey. As a result, it created toxic humanity despite the wealth of knowledge available to us. 

At the School of Absolute Inner Clarity by UG, you are re-initiated into the joy of the journey. 

Where becoming absolutely clear in life is a strategic, deliberate and conscious journey.

This means you are not hurried over a weekend seminar. Nor are you forced to unlearn the chaos of your life over a few days retreat. 

You have the choice of learning deeply so that you don't just understand but also get the time to apply the wisdom to your life. Since 1998, Udumbara Gesu has been helping seekers from across the world meet their infinite nature and uncover their inherent Ecstasy, Self-Trust, Courage and Absolute Clarity. 

At #SAICUG you have the rare privilege of pace. 

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What You’ll Un-Learn 

According to UG, many people are burnt out by their inner confusion. They are completely identified with the fear and lack that this inner chaos creates, unaware of the dimension of being wholly clear in life.

At Brave Hearts, you’ll be guided through a series of teachings and practices to fundamentally shift your vibrations from effort to Ease, from lack to abundance and from illness to health. So that you may deepen your awareness of the “transcendent” dimension of life. 

You’ll un-learn: 
  • The fear of the future: You will be guided to liberate yourself from unconscious personal and social entanglements. Towards a soul-satisfying partnership with life.     
  • UN-clear dynamics in relationships: You will be guided to shift your compulsive thinking, emoting and feeling patterns that keep you locked up in challenging relationships. To open you up to have true love in life.    
  • Self-deceit: You will be guided to heal the damaging aspects of your ego in the right way. Creating space to live your most authentic self in life.    
  • Lack in life: You will be guided to recognise abundance. To strengthen being a Conscious Creator of your life
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Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Enroll:

  • Private online community platform exclusively for members
  • Monthly Live guidance for living a life of Sacred Inner Clarity
  • Answers to burning questions you may not feel comfortable asking anywhere else
  • Member-only discounts to certain #SAICUG events 
  • Meditations and practical tools for applying Sacred Inner Clarity to everyday life
  • A network of collaborative support
  • Quarterly live coaching calls with expert guests in the fields of holistic healing

Empowering parents, therapists, healers & spiritual masters  

While this inner clarity journey is taken by the real seekers, I have made fundamental spiritual knowledge on human navel available on my social media. 

You will find that healers, therapists and coaches across the world have already included this knowledge in their repertoire to help navel activation.

However you find anyone claiming to be a navel expert, violating my copy right and trade mark, please report the charltan. We have a strong network that will nail them down. 

UG is always looking for the real seeker 






Yes! I am joining now
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Jyoti N

Asatoma sadgamaya
Tamasoma jyotirgamaya...
Mrutyorma amrutham gamaya...

That is the essence of your work 🤗