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If you are looking to live your most authentic self, unapologetically. If being 'normal' is not for you. If you are searching for the true power of your inner clarity. Then Brave Hearts Inner Clarity Mentorship Program by UG is for you. Each month UG will initiate you into a new topic.

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Why Brave Hearts


Nowhere else on the planet 

UG initiates you into Navel Consciousness, the primordial wisdom of Sacred Inner Clarity, that predates the Mayan, Vedic Celtic and Egyptian cultures. She is the only mystic who teaches NC on the planet. 

Brave Hearts, is a unique online community where Udumbara Gesu will personally mentor you, live every month, on the path to Awakening your Sacred Inner Clarity with powerful primordial practices that you can incorporate into everyday life.

Every live episode is an energy transmission you won't forget.  

On 7th of every month we get together to dive deeper into the magic of your infinite being.

This mentorship program is designed for 12 months. Over the year, we will be exploring your inner clarity and amplifying your infinite magic.

Sacred transmission UG practices the ancient system of 'sacred transmission'. Brave Hearts gives you the opportunity to engage with UG in a way that is not available otherwise.

You must subscribe before the 6th of a month to start the program on time. You will receive a FREE bonus class upon subscription. 

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Yukta Mookhey

Miss World 1999

"So proud of your work and in deep admiration for the simplicity & the depth of your work. Can't wait to be mentored by you". 


How the magic can manifest for you


At Brave Hearts, you’ll be guided through a series of primordial teachings and practices taught only by Udumbara Gesu on the planet.

You will learn to shift your vibrations from effort to ease, from lack to abundance and from illness to health. To experience the dimension of 'being wholly clear in life'.

Awakening your Sacred Inner Clarity can manifest for you in many different ways: 

  • Inner clarity about stuff that matters
  • The joy of living every day
  • Gratitude
  • Strength to be your most authentic self
  • Peace in your dysfunctional relationships
  • Flow of love
  • An explosion of creativity
  • Having abundance
  • A heightened sense of aliveness. 
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Juliet Haines

"Your transmission touched me to my bones. Thank you deeply from my heart". 

Founder, Depths of Feminine Wisdom School


You will unlearn   

In times like ours, millions of people in this world are tortured by their own inner chaos. The “voice in the head”, the self-doubt, the insecurities create a struggle that is avoidable. But many aren’t aware of what’s happening or how to correct it.

This is why you will un-learn the roots of your inner & outer chaos.

Fear of Future: 

You will be guided to liberate yourself from unconscious personal and social entanglements. Towards a soul-satisfying partnership with life. 

Dysfunctional Relationships:

You will be guided to shift your compulsive thinking, emoting and feeling patterns that keep you locked up in challenging relationships. To open you up to have true love in life.  

Self Deceit:

You will be guided to heal the damaging aspects of your ego in the right way. Creating space to live your most authentic self in life.

Lack in life: 

You will be guided to recognise and gain abundance. To make you a Conscious Creator of your life

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Jesh Krishnamurti

 VFX Veteran, Founder Anibrain

"Much gratitude and love Gesu. I have love and respect for you. Your words, which I love, resonate very deeply, leaving me amazed at your clarity". 


Magnificence of the Primordial Mother 


UG is known as the Inner Clarity Maestro.

At 14 UG almost died and came back with an experience of a state of nuclear clarity she cannot fully define, even today.

"I was beyond the confines of my physical body. Expanded eternally in all directions. I experienced an ecstasy in my being that felt like home. My clarity was so penetrating that I dismantled my disease like a pack of cards". - UG  

When you are in the presence of Udumbara Gesu, you are in the presence of the Primordial Mother's grace.  

Bold topics from the spiritual & the mystical universe. From aliens to sacred sex and everything in between. 

Answers to burning questions you may not feel comfortable asking anywhere else. 

Worldly & non-worldly paradigms, life, healing, death, sex, loss, love and beyond. 

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 Anshita Koul


"Watching @Udumbara Gesu speak is almost like meditating. She speaks with absolute clarity, which is her jam, but she also has one of the best laughs in the world.  


Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Enroll:


  • Monthly Live guidance from UG for living a life of Sacred Inner Clarity.
  • Private online community exclusively for its members. 
  • Meditations and practical tools for applying Sacred Inner Clarity to everyday life.
  • Quarterly live coaching calls with expert guests in the fields of holistic healing.
  • Member-only discounts to select #SAICUG events. 
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Reshma Vij  

Clarity, clarity and more clarity. Clarity is our UG's USP.   


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Antonia Michaela 

This is highly relevant to me right now. Such wisdom here. Thank you!  


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Dr Radha Raghvan   

Such impact. Wish we had these teachings when we were growing up. 


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Sophia Rego

Fortunate are the ones who are blessed with your mentorship.  


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