Why politics all over the world looks like a failing circus?

spiritual clarity Feb 08, 2021
Udumbara Gesu writes Why politics all over the world looks like a failing circus.

We as governed people are giving birth to something larger than politics. I sincerely hope we will succeed. Let's keep all our current political knowledge aside and dive straight to the spirituality of politics. 

Right now, the world is more like a cauldron of boiling consciousness. Everything is stewing to its peak. Technically speaking, this peaking is an essential phase of the universal time cycles. It's the age of separation is in its waning cycle. The age of truth is emerging. A natural time for humanity’s ascension has everything brought under scrutiny. Our current political system is no exception.

This is why politics is going through a never before metamorphosis. Soon the old political structures will die out because they were meant for a certain kind of world. A world that was slower, less connected, more locally involved and still functioning on political power play. Being a rightist or leftist or other terms have become redundant. These segments have become too polluted unable to deliver to people the peace, comfort and progress that we deserve according to our evolution. 

To understand your spirituo-political alignment, first, understand where you stand in the evolution of human consciousness.

Let's make it totally easy for you. Read about the three spirituo-political alignments and identify which group you belong to. Then walk the talk. 

The first group is the Inclusives:

These are people who have understood the fact that a minimum of 2000 years of the human history of wars, conflicts, conquest and battles have brought no peace. 

They have understood that waging wars, divisive policies and racist methodology doesn't work. Not even for the perpetrator. They too come crashing down with time. Our history has shown no one lasts. No one is eternal.

The Inclusives have understood that they are a work in progress. They work with their own ego. They know they are not any better than any other gender, race or nation.

They have understood that they are worthy of more love, peace and abundance than they ever got through this limited reality.

Most importantly they have understood that the diversity of this world including its flora and fauna are the charm of this world. They have understood that the world would be an exceptionally boring place without the cultural humdrum of different races, genders and wisdom. The Inclusives are at peace with the joyous multidimensional circus this Earth is.

You will recognise an Inclusive by the way they look at the human impact on nature.

They have understood that humanity is a parasite on Earth and that this relationship needs to alter with immediate effect.

This makes the Inclusive humble people dealing with their own shadow and shortcomings rather than pointing fingers at others.

The Inclusive in the age group of 27 to 60 are the guardians of the future as they know they have an impact and they use their power for a collective benefit. 

The other group is the Exclusives:

They are people entrenched in their personal and general identity. They are under a spell of a pseudo superiority about their existence.

They believe that their gender, race, nationality and other sources of identity are crucial to humanity or Earth. They have a sense of entitlement. They like to own things, exert power and have control. They listen less speak more. They love peacocking. Their art forms lie in imposing. They can do it gently or assertively but impose they will. They interfere. They decide on behalf of others. They assume and they prefer the status quo instead of evolution.

They still believe wars, division, walls and battles are the solution to world problems. They assume exploitation and corruption is a natural part of life.

They are generously invested in fear, doubt and hatred. Their focus is on self-centred gains where individual progress at the cost of other's misery is 'normal'.

The third group is that of spectators.

They come in two varieties. They are either the helpless or the fence-sitters.

Quite obviously people like the elderly, children, the ill, the poor and the afflicted belong to the helpless category. They are too busy in a personal battle of survival. They have no time or mental space to extend their attention. They are and must be kept exempt, unlike the fence-sitters.

The fence-sitters on the other hand like to believe that they are non-partial or balanced observers. Where in fact, they are simply indecisive or fearful. They are who they are. Whenever their confidence builds, they choose a direction as per their resonance. If one oscillates towards inclusivity, they merge into the Inclusives or vice versa.

For example, I know I am an Inclusive. I thrive on the diversity of this world. And I want to see policies that include everyone's wellbeing. Personally, I believe that instead of allowing short-sighted, consumerists trample all over the planet and the resources including our own lives, it’s good to draw boundaries. Make some conscious noise. Say a conscious no, more often.

Each one of us is a powerful entity. Even a plastic straw in our drink today has a global impact.

If you think someone else will save you, your illusion has a global impact.

We all have to do our own saving. One person at a time. One consciousness at a time. One step at a time. Begin with you, politics will follow. 

🚨 This blog is an excerpt from my forthcoming book. 

Udumbara Gesu,

😍 A fan of your soul and its strength. 

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